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140Analyst calls on Apple to buy Tesla

This is the layman's understanding of how the tech world works: come up with an idea; execute idea; start making money; get bought out by Apple, Google or some other wealthy company seeking the Next Big Thing; retire to Fiji at age 23. Occasionally, though, one of those startups grows quickly enough to avoid being bought out by the big boys of Silicon Valley. Tesla is one such startup, and while it's an automaker as much as a tech company, the mingling of both worlds in its business model has he

32Rumormill: Apple COO Tim Cook for General Motors CEO slot?

A top Apple Inc. executive is reportedly be being considered for the chief executive officer post at General Motors. Over the last couple of years as the Detroit auto industry descended into financial oblivion, numerous observers from (mostly) outside the business promoted the idea of hiring Apple CEO Steve Jobs run GM. However, for a variety of reasons – not the least of which was Jobs' health – that never came to fruition.

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