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    Report: Toyota advisory panel says safety management changes aren't enough

    When Toyota recalled millions of vehicles for floor mat entrapment and sticky accelerator pedals, many thought the event would serve as a wake-up call for the world's largest automaker. While Toyota has no doubt taken considerable steps to rectify any quality lapses, a panel being paid for by the ...

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    ThrottleGate: Toyota will now send needed pedal repair components directly to dealers

    In an effort to stem the flow of potentially defective accelerator pedal parts at the source, Toyota announced earlier this week that replacement pedal components had begun shipping directly to its factories. While the announcement was a welcome step in the right direction towards a long-term ...

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    UPDATED: Video: In-depth look at Toyota's sticky accelerator

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    var digg_url = ''; We're all gearheads here at Autoblog, with varying degrees of mechanical competence. But when the time comes to get technical – really technical – ...

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    Report: Toyota's gas pedal supplier woe spreads to Ford of China commercial vehicles

    Taking every precaution, Ford Motor Co. has stopped production on its Chinese-made Transit Classic diesel models – a full-sized commercial vehicle with a throttle pedal manufactured by the same company behind the Toyota recall. According to Ford, the vehicles began production in December ...

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    Consumer Reports sees what happens when your floor mat sticks

    In the wake of Toyota's huge floor mat recall, theorists have come up with several survival strategies designed to overcome a throttle that's stuck wide-open. Putting some of these theories to the test – and debunking several myths in the process – is the team over at Consumer ...

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    Camry ECU won't let drivers give it the boot

    A few years back I had the good fortune of owning a WRX wagon whose tenure began with me leaving it unmodified for as long as I could stand. All told, it only took about two months for all rational thought to be overwhelmed by the relentless pursuit of ponies and I found myself at a highly ...


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