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    Frankfurt Preview: Polo Three-Door diesel will get 71 mpg (U.S.)

    Polo Three Door - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Rumors of an all-electric Volkswagen concept making an appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month have died down since May, but VW is starting to reveal more details on the vehicles that will be on hand. Today, we learn about the ...

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    Geneva 2008: Chevrolet Aveo 3-Door

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chevrolet Aveo Three-Door.What more can be said about the Euro-market Chevy Aveo three-door? Fortunately, not much. The new Aveo gets the reworked front fascia, complete with Anime eyes and gaping maw, while the shallow accent lines that flank the doors ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: Live unveiling of the 2008 Saturn Astra

    Click above image to view a high-resolution gallery of the new Saturn AstraSaturn just rolled out the new Astra to the crowd at the Chicago Auto Show, with the automaker claiming that the compact will help fulfill the brand's promise to bring "appropriate and affordable technology", "great design", ...

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    BMW introduces new three-door 1-Series for 2007

    click above image to view small high-res gallery Most Europeans agree that the BMW 1-Series is one fugly little automobile. Somehow the Bangle experience doesn't scale down very well (nor does it often look good at 1:1 scale). Regardless, the little Bimmer has been the least costly way to get into ...


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