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the way forward

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    Ford, Lincoln and Mercury will be redesigned by 2010

    In the interest of not going belly-up, Ford will be hard at work over the next three years to remake their entire Ford, Lincoln and Mercury fleet. We've got high hopes that the Bold Moves will start to come at us quickly now, and that great new product will offer significant improvements over their ...

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    Ford plants struggle to avoid being closed

    We found two articles today that focused on the state of Ford Motor Company's various manufacturing plants in North America, one that offers a little bit of hope for one plant and the other not so much for the rest. The ray of hope piece comes from Automotive News, which says that the Canadian Auto ...

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    Ford quarterly earnings expected to dip on slipping SUV sales, high gas prices

    When Ford Motor Company reports its first quarter earnings tomorrow, the automaker is likely to report a decline thanks to a huge drop in SUV sales and diminishing market share. Analysts say that Ford's dependence on big SUVs, combined with surging gas prices have negated any effect so far of ...

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    Fired Ford employee rants on eBay

    How can something be so funny and so sad at the same time? A former Ford engineer who was left behind when the company announced its “Way Forward” plan resorted to posting an eBay auction for his Dual Alarm Clock that he won’t be needing anymore. Though the wake-up device helped ...


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