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77MG responds to Jeremy Clarkson after Top Gear-style drubbing

Top Gear host and The Sunday Times columnist Jeremy Clarkson has stirred up controversy yet again after pushing a new car he was reviewing through an intersection, because of what he said was a failure of the stop-start system, and giving it a generally bad review. This time it wasn't a Tesla on the receiving end of his wrath, but the Chinese-owned, British-assembled MG6 Magnette.

19Michael Schumacher ranked second wealthiest sportsman in the world

Sportsmen – whether you'd classify them all as athletes or not – are some of the wealthiest people in the world. And every year, The Sunday Times puts out a list of the richest among them. The list takes all their assets into account – including salaries past and present, endorsements and other investments – and ranks them by their net worth. So who comes out on top?

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