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the run

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    Video: Michael Bay takes a whack at Need For Speed: The Run trailer

    Video games are big business. Titles like Call of Duty can reach a billion dollars or more in sales, but racing games typically don't fare quite as well. Maybe that's why the Need For Speed team developed The Run; a cross-country thriller that combines fast cars, beautiful-yet-pixelated women ...

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    Video: Need For Speed franchise gears up for The Run with trailer

    Everyone knows that street racing of any ilk is a recipe for disaster. Pushing a machine on public streets is an easy way to end an innocent life, which is why we love the Need For Speed franchise so much. The games allow to take to virtual tarmac to scratch our persistent illegal go-fast itch. ...

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    Video: Need For Speed gives an early peak at The Run

    If you're getting bored of the racing games that are relegated to the track, the Need For Speed franchise is hoping to grab your attention with The Run. The new game, which doesn't hit stores until November 15, promises to mix hot rides with a healthy dose of drama. The premise is simple: The ...


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