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the netherlands

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    Report: Dutch monster truck demonstration leaves three dead

    Tragedy struck during a monster truck demonstration at a car show in Haaksbergen, Netherlands, when the massive vehicle (pictured above) seemingly lost control and crashed into spectators. The calamity resulted in three fatalities and many injuries among bystanders. Videos of the accident seemed ...

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    Donkervoort introducing 24 Hours of Dubai special edition at AutoRAI

    Donkervoort D8 GT4 endurance racer – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A car show doesn't necessarily need to be held where cars are made. One of the biggest shows of the year, for example, takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, where there's no auto manufacturing to speak of. You ...

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    Jaguar brings a pair of Designer Editions to go with the announcement at AutoRAI

    There are major auto shows, and there are relatively minor ones. Holland's AutoRAI may fall more into the latter category, but that doesn't mean it can't have its fare share of new debuts. And a big part of those are reportedly coming from Jaguar. Say what you will about the wisdom of decisions ...

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    Video: The strange town where everyone owns a Ferrari

    Welcome to the Netherlands, where the houses are all perfect - almost to a Truman Show level of creepiness - and everyone, without exception, drives a Ferrari. Most people seem to own at least two. At least, that's what the Netherlands looks like when a Ferrari club rents a bunch of vacation ...

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    Video: Fiat 500 gets the Dodge treatment a little ahead of schedule

    Fiat/Dodge 500 – Click above to watch video after the jump
    First, it's worth mentioning that when the Fiat 500 finally hits American shores, chances are it won't be wearing a Dodge logo on the hood. As far as we know, the sub-compact will arrive sporting the same badges it wears in Europe. ...

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    Is Spyker planning on introducing a Maserati Quattroporte killer?

    Spyker is -- once again -- talking about a new line of vehicles that will take on four-door sports sedans like the Maserati Quattroporte and Porsche Panamera. Two years ago Spyker mentioned an E-line with eight- and twelve-cylinder engines would join the C-line sports cars and D-line SUVs. With the ...

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    Google Maps reveals hot new trend: Dutch wall parking

    How thoughtful. Google maps not only directed one motorist to his desired address, but also found a creative place for him to park. Actually, it's just some public art. Using the satellite image feature, a visitor to this particular address in the Hague, Netherlands, will see an image of some wall ...


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