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the dark knight

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    Official: Batman-inspired Kia Optima concept headed for Gotham reveal

    DC Entertainment is leading a charity campaign called "We Can Be Heroes" to raise awareness of hunger in The Horn of Africa. With help from artist Jim Lee and Rides magazine, Kia has joined the Justice League with a Batman-themed Optima SX apparently inspired by the Dark Knight's darkest ...

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    Be the King of Comic-Con: Batman replica motorcycle leathers (Batpod not included)

    The San Diego Comic-Con kicks off later this week, and as is the case each year, there'll be no shortage of giddy, costumed fanboys and girls roaming the halls. There's no denying that some of the getups people wear to the con are pretty spot-on, but fans of Batman might be interested in this one, ...

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    The Dark Knight's shoulder-driven Batpod

    Over the last 70 years, Batman has driven all sorts of vehicles, with a wide array of Batmobiles, planes, bikes and boats appearing in the various comic books, television series and movies. Arguably none have been as wickedly exciting, however, as the Tumbler which the superhero drove in the most ...

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    MV Agusta scores Batman placement, will give away F4 superbike

    It seems that motorcycle manufacturers are finally starting to see the value in product placement, as big budget films like Indiana Jones 4 and the upcoming Transformers sequel can attest. While the Italian motorcycle maker MV Agusta has been making noise as it searches for a new owner, it has also ...

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    New York '08 Preview: Bruce Wayne's Lamborghini Batman car debuting at gala

    Click above to view videoWe all remember the Lamborghini Murcielago's cameo in Batman Begins, right? Well apparently producers think that Lamborghinis make good supporting actors, because a Lamborghini has once again been cast in the upcoming sequel called The Dark Knight. Though Batman himself ...

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    VIDEO: The Dark Knight returns, full trailer released into the wild

    After enduring a long and arduous week of never-ending KITT coverage, it's time to turn our focus to something that has the distinct possibility of not sucking – The Dark Knight. Batman Begins proved that comic book-based movies can actually be entertaining, not causing excessive eye-rolling ...

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    Camera man following Batmobile dies in crash

    Tragedy struck off the set of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight, on Monday when a camera van collided with a tree killing one of the occupants. The crash took place during what's being described as a "filming production exercise" where the Batmobile was being followed by an SUV while on a test ...

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    The bull and the bat: Lambo LP640 in next Batman flick?

    Lamborghini has been on something of a roll lately. It had a record year last year with 2,087 units sold. It introduced special editions of the Murcielago and Gallardo, as well as upgraded the "regular" Murci to LP640 status. A roadster version of the LP640 was a no-brainer and showed up soon ...


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