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    Video: Watch Jon Stewart and the Daily Show skewer GM over ignition recalls

    We love a good Jon Stewart take down rant. The Daily Show host has grown to be a master, taking aim at targets as common as the politics and as unusual as Chicago-style pizza (to this day, one of his funniest and most accurate tirades). While Stewart is not a car-crazed comedian like Jay Leno, ...

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    Video: Jon Stewart investigates the Russian dashcam phenomenon

    The streaking meteor event in Siberia last week has led Jon Stewart to spare a few minutes on The Daily Show to examine footage of the explosion 20 miles high and said to be equal to 300 kilotons of TNT. But his real interest is asking why so many Russians were able to get the footage in the ...

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    Video: The Daily Show leads off with "Toyotathon of Death"

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes on the Toyotathon of Death – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Where there's funny to be found, you can count on Jon Stewart to find it. The much-loved host of news parody program The Daily Show has proven a knack for exposing the humorous ...

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    Jim Cramer throws his Mad Money behind Cash for Clunkers

    Capitalist-on-steroids Jim Cramer of Mad Money fame (or, if you're a Daily Show fan, infamy) thinks Cash For Clunkers is a great idea. This might surprise some of you (and shock us), but here's his reasons why: If the total price tag of C4C is $4 to $5 billion dollars, big deal – we ...

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    Jon Stewart injects some humor, perspective into Detroit Three bailout

    Click above to watch Jon Stewart's Autoerotic Explanation after the jump A few of us here at Autoblog are avid watchers of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and during last night's episode he ran a segment begging the question: why is is Congress being so tough on the Big Three when money was so ...

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    VIDEO: Kia dealership uses Obama impersonator to sell Sorentos

    Click above to view video after the jumpWe've seen a lot of stupid car dealer commercials in our time, but this one may well take the cake. The genius comics at The Daily Show found a local Dallas-area ad that features a Barack Obama impersonator hocking Kia Sorrentos for $11,888. So if you have a ...


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