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    Spy Shots: Thai-market 2010 Ford Ranger MAX

    A cunning photographer has grabbed some shots of what appears to be production versions of the Thailand-bound Ford Ranger Max. While hardware and interior information are scarce at this point, it's clear that some of the details have been toned down from what was shown on the concept (namely the ...

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    REPORT: Toyota puts hold on Russia, Thailand plant plans

    Just because Toyota is still spending on Formula 1 and the Lexus LF-A doesn't mean its not cinching up the fiscal belts -- scaling back at the Detroit Auto Show, killing Australia's TRD division, and delaying a highly anticipated sports car. And now you can add stopping construction on new ...

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    Ford Ranger Max concept debuts at Thailand Motor Show (w/VIDEO)

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Ford Ranger Max Concept
    At the Thailand Motor Expo this week, Ford's rolling out a show truck based on the locally-produced Ford Ranger. Dubbed the Ranger Max, it's a styling exercise designed to infuse the compact pickup with some visual muscle and ...

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    All-new Honda City launched in Thailand

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Honda City
    Despite the fact that the entire world got an unabated view of it already, Honda has just dropped the curtain on its brand-new City economy car that's now officially on sale in Thailand. No, we won't get this car in the States; it's destined ...

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    Cologne plant begins pumping out 2009 Ford Fiesta

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Fiesta beginning production Ford has finally begun production of the all-new 2009 Ford Fiesta in Cologne, Germany, today. After an investment of 455 million Euros (about $674 million) to restructure and modernize the plant, Ford is expecting its 4,000 ...

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    Thailand gov't delivers crushing blow to Ferrari

    In Thailand, exotic car theft is a pretty common occurrence, and thieves are pretty sophisticated about it, too. First, they make off with the vehicle's important components. Then, after the police seize what's left, the criminals purchase it at auction at about 15% of its value. This is "car ...

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    Ford Ranger on the ropes

    We posted some conjecture about the Ranger not too long ago, with some Photochops to illustrate possible ways Ford could keep its smallest pickup alive. Automotive News has looked in to their crystal ball and determined that the future of the Ranger is murky, at best. The first bad sign is that the ...

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    How we roll in Bangkok: the Swarovski Crystal tuk-tuk

    In a case of turning the mundane into modern art, Crystal Lounge in Bangkok has bathed a tuk-tuk in Swarovski crystals. For those of you who don't know, a tuk-tuk is a kind of motorized, covered pedicab. There's an entire tuk-tuk customizing culture in Bangkok, and if the look of a tuk-tuk isn't ...

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    Black Thai: Galmer Arbitrage GT

    There are only a handful of car-exporting countries, even fewer building supercars. And Thailand ain't one of 'em. That'll all change in 2008 when the Galmer Arbitrage GT is scheduled to launch. The carbon fiber supercar will be propelled by a Chevy LS7 V8 displacing seven liters and producing ...

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    New Chevrolet Aveo prepares to roll out mid-month, in the east

    General Motors Thailand has announced that the new Chevy Aveo will be rolling off the assembly lines sometime in mid-August. Details on the new subcompact are scarce, but we know that it's the first major collaboration between GM's international production teams, with aid from Asia, Australia, ...

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    Thailand's move from trucks to parts and beyond

    With all the hoopla over China's auto industry, Thailand, which is more known among Westerns for its tourist industry than manufacturing capabilities, quietly made more than one million vehicles last year. The country is Asia's third largest exporter of vehicles after Japan and South ...

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    Toyota asks Thai government for large hybrid tax breaks

    Toyota's Thailand arm is lobbying the government for hybrid tax incentives. The nation's biggest automaker is hoping authorities will incentivize its Dual Synergy Drive hybrids with engines larger than 3.0-liters. For its part, the Thai government already allots a 10-percent excise tax on sub ...

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    2006 Gumball rally officially underway as German police impound four cars

    It isn't an official Gumball 3000 until the authorities start impounding cars. The annual event for car-loving millionaire scofflaws kicked off on Sunday in London, and various police forces around Europe have wasted little time in catching up with the cash-happy racers. Wuerzburg, ...

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    Mitsubishi to begin mass export of Triton/L200

    By the second half of this year Mitsubishi will begin exporting its Triton pickup, also known as the L200 in Europe, to 140 markets around the world. The truck was developed as a global model and is produced in Thailand where Mitsubishi has produced and exported more vehicles than any ...


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