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    Hackers prove they can break into Subaru Outback via texting

    Texting and driving is a dangerous practice, we can all agree on that. But would you be surprised to learn that texting might cause you trouble even when your vehicle is locked up tight? As more and more daily items tap into the Matrix, we're exposing more products to those crafty enough to have ...

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    Video: BMW gets in on the anti-distracted driving crusade [w/video]

    BMW has unveiled a new campaign to help combat distracted driving. The German automaker is specifically focusing its efforts on curtailing texting while driving with a summer advertising campaign that kicks off this month and runs through the rest of the year. The company has worked up a few ...

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    Opinion: If distracted driving is such an epidemic, why don't statistics show it?

    Declining Highway Death Rate Challenges Distracted Driving Fears

    The distracted driving debate is being marred by an overdose of hype and hysteria.
    My weekend nearly got off to a disastrous start when a driver, busy texting, suddenly realized he was going to miss his exit. At the last possible ...

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    Video: AAA tests texting drivers on closed course

    Distracted driving kills... cones – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Distracted driving has become a big problem on our nation's roadways, and text messaging while behind the wheel has been targeted as one of the biggest issues. Ray LaHood and the Department of Transportation ...

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    Video: Glee star Jane Lynch teaches text-ed

    Jane Lynch teaches Text Ed – Click above to watch video after the jump
    By now, we should all pretty much have a handle on how dangerous it is to text while driving. Thanks to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's efforts against distracted driving, the word is slowly getting out that using ...

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    Video: AT&T tugs at heart strings with distracted driving documentary

    AT&T anti-texting documentary "The Last Text" – Click above to watch video after the jump
    AT&T launched the "It Can Wait" campaign earlier in the spring of 2010. The idea behind the movement is to create more awareness about the dangers of texting and driving. In order to create ...

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    Ironic: Study says distracted drivers more likely to be well-educated

    Now matter how you slice it – and no matter how many of us admit to doing it – distracted driving is pretty dumb. At first blush, then, it seems odd that a new poll commissioned by indicates that well-educated and well-to-do American drivers are the most likely ...

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    Report: LaHood mulling nationwide ban on all in-car mobile phone use?

    U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wants to make our roads a safer place. Distracted driving is arguably his number one issue, and LaHood is waging a concerted campaign to try and curb it. Is he taking things a step too far, though? According to Automotive News, LaHood has now stated that ...

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    IIHS: New texting laws aren't reducing accidents

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just released new findings related to texting-while-driving laws and their effectiveness – the results of which are quite surprising. The Highway Loss Data Institute, an affiliate of the IIHS, compiled claim data for four states; California, ...

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    Survey: 9 out of 10 say phoning while driving should be illegal - half do it themselves

    We all know that driving while talking on the cell phone is a distraction. Even if you say you're a good driver with superior multi-tasking skills, blabbing on a phone while piloting a two-ton automobile is a quick way to show that you are in fact not smarter than a fifth grader. Don't let Jeff ...

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    New Laws: Commercial truck and bus drivers banned from texting while driving

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that in 2009 alone, 5,500 fatalities and half a million injuries occurred as a direct result of distracted driving. The problem is so severe that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (above) recently felt compelled to address Autoblog ...

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    Study: Teens don't think texting while driving is as dangerous as DUI

    Despite plenty of academic research demonstrating that texting while driving can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving, a new poll shows that most teens simply don't think that's the case. State Farm recently sponsored a poll conducted by Harris Interactive in which 14-to-17 year-olds were ...

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    GM testing OnStar Facebook and texting functionality

    General Motors is ready to bring the fight to Ford's Sync system with a reworked version of OnStar, but the salient details won't be revealed for another seven days. However, we've gotten word from the General that it's testing two new features: Audio Facebook updates and voice texting. On the ...

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    Irony Police: State Farm releases texting app to curb distracted driving [w/video]

    State Farm On The Move Android App – Click above to view the video after the jump
    Android geeks have been using a combination of GPS and the Tasker app to let contacts know when they can't (or won't) accept text messages or calls (driving, in a movie, etc.). It's some slick software, but ...

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    Study: Adults admit to texting while driving more than teens

    A poll by Pew Internet, part of the Pew Research Center, has found that 27% of American adults admit to texting while driving. If the teenagers who answered the poll were all telling the truth, that means that more adults are guilty of TWD than teens, who came in at 26%. Even more damning for the ...

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    Report: Senate pushes distracted driving issue back to the states

    If you were waiting for the federal government to lay down the law on distracted driving, we've got bad news for you. New bipartisan legislation from Congress has effectively put the issue back into the hands of individual states. That means that instead of a single, nationwide ban on cell phone ...

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    Video: PSA - Ken Jeong and Joel McHale urge you to put a sock on it

    Wear your thumb socks – Click above to watch video after the jump
    In the never-ending battle to get teenage drivers to put down their cell phones while driving, Sprint has assembled an A-Team of comedic force to advocate the use of thumb socks. We're not kidding. The ever-hilarious ...

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    LaHood launches first federally funded distracted driving crackdown campaigns in CT and NY [w/video]

    The NHTSA is combatting distracted driving – Click above to watch the video
    Starting on April 8 in Syracuse, NY and April 10 in Hartford, CT, drivers who are caught using a cell phone behind the wheel can expect to get a little more familiar with the local justice system. Transportation ...

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    Report: Transportation Secretary LaHood concerned with influx of in-car technologies

    Concerned that "gadgets and bells and whistles" are distracting drivers, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is reportedly pushing to keep the technologies out of driver's hands – without going so far as to say he'll try to restrict them. LaHood, who has already campaigned for a ban on ...

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    Study: Laws banning hand-held phones do not reduce crashes

    This one doesn't surprise us one bit and we'll explain why in a moment. Until then, clock this: a Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) study determined that laws banning the use of hand-held phones have no effect on the crash rate. None, as in zero effect. Says HLDI and Insurance Institute for ...


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