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    Report: Tesla buys test track adjacent to its factory

    Two months ago, Tesla hired Chris Porritt to be the vice president of its vehicle engineering program. Tesla's purchase last week of a 35-acre parcel abutting its factory in Fremont, California will give Porritt, formerly the boss of Aston Martin's Vehicle Engineering team (he's the father of the ...

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    Video: Imagineering Disney's Test Track 2.0

    General Motors and Disney put together a behind-the-scenes video looking at what went into their new Test Track 2.0 ride at Epcot. As one would expect of this kind of marquee endeavor, it involved a lot of back and forth between teams from both Walt Disney and Chevrolet, and it sounds both ...

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    Video: Go for a first-person ride on GM and Disney's new Test Track 2.0 attraction

    General Motors and Disney have put the finishing touches on the Test Track 2.0 ride at Epcot. Walt Disney World has begun holding previews of the attraction for the theme park's workers and their guests, and a few videos of the experience have already made their way to the web. From the look of ...

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    Official: GM and Walt Disney redesign Epcot Center's Test Track attraction

    General Motors and Disney have partnered to recreate the classic Test Track ride at Epcot Center. Designers first began collaborating some 18 months ago with the goal of creating an inside look at a professional design studio. GM says the project specifically allowed its designers to approach ...

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    Report: Harley-Davidson test track for sale in Florida everglades

    If you've got a penchant for mosquitos, alligators and sweltering heat, Harley-Davidson may have a deal for you. The motorcycle manufacturer's former test track is up for sale just outside of Naples, Florida. The track was originally used by Ford to test its vehicles, and features a two-mile ...

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    Toyota Motor Europe completes construction of new Zaventem Proving Ground

    When we went by the European headquarters of Toyota in Zaventem, Belgium, to check out the Lexus CT 200h then still under development, the Japanese automaker was in the middle of a vast expansion plan. A year later and after two years of construction, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has completed its ...

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    Lotus opens new on-site test track

    There are a great many things that Lotus does well. The company's own sports cars are some of the best-handling machines money can buy, and Lotus also performs magic on other automakers' chassis on a consultational basis. Turns out, it lays out some pretty serious race tracks, too. The Top Gear ...

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    Chip Ganassi, we salute you and your underground test track [w/video]

    Floyd Ganassi Jr, better known as Chip, is a fixture in the motorsports industry. He currently operates vehicles that run IndyCar, NASCAR and Grand-Am races. That requires knowledge of a variety of racing vehicles, and Ganassi has a unique way to test his vehicles – in a mile-long tunnel ...

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    Video: Ferrari Four put through the paces at Bolocco in the dark

    Ferrari Four testing at Bolocco – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    You can bet dollars to donuts that when Ferrari brings a new car to market, it's undergone a ridiculously thorough testing regimen. That applies whether it's developing a coupe, a convertible or even a station ...

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    Are you the Top Gear USA test track?

    Spinning off shows from British television into American programs are all the rage these days. Just ask anyone who watches The Office, American Idol, The Shield or Life on Mars. But the one we're most excited about, of course, is the U.S. version of Top Gear. A long time coming, the pilot is set ...

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    Stig gives a lesson on the Top Gear test track

    It's time to do your homework, kids. The blokes at Top Gear have built a virtual representation of the Stig's personal playground. If you've got some time to kill, head on over to the site for a turn-by-turn breakdown of the UK show's test track, including the elusive history of each corner's ...

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    Google Earth spots Top Gear USA test track?

    Not quite. While we've gotten word from credible sources that El Toro has, in fact, been chosen as the location for the supposed filming of the U.S. version of Top Gear, the test track above ain't it. To begin with, the SCCA and a handful of other track-day organizations have been using the runways ...

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    Camera man following Batmobile dies in crash

    Tragedy struck off the set of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight, on Monday when a camera van collided with a tree killing one of the occupants. The crash took place during what's being described as a "filming production exercise" where the Batmobile was being followed by an SUV while on a test ...

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    DCX's high-speed track to get a facelift

    The Chrysler proving ground from spaceChrysler has a 3,850 acre proving ground near Chelsea, Michigan that originally opened in 1952, and currently has about 95 miles of test roads. Sustained high-speed testing had, until recently, been conducted on a 4.71 mile oval track that could support neutral ...

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    Nissan's Motegi test center goes off-roading

    three high-res pics available by clicking image aboveLooks like Nissan is SHIFTing even more heavily into its truck development. With the popularity of crossovers, SUVs and pickups expected to stay strong, Nissan decided to add an off-road test facility to its Motegi proving grounds. Today they ...

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    GM set to open Las Vegas "autotainment" park

    "The Drive," GM's outdoor "autotainment" driving experience is set to open in Las Vegas at the Sahara Hotel & Casino April 10, and GM wants you to start planning it into your next trip to Sin City.The Drive includes two separate driving courses on the 11-acre site, a ...


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