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    Tesla one-make racing series: Nothing factory-backed, for now

    If Jeremy Clarkson's review of the Tesla Roadster proved anything, it's that the electric sportscar can keep a good pace around a race track. While the Roadsters' acceleration leaves little to be desired, its limited range and propensity to overheat when kept near its limit for long periods of ...

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    Tesla cancels plans to move to San Jose

    Tesla's plans to eventually build a pair of new factories for the Model S and powertrain components in San Jose, CA have run into a ditch. The move was announced last September, just before the (official) collapse of the world's financial markets. However, the plan ran into trouble quickly when ...

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    Tesla raises prices on Roadster options, sparks controversy, anger among early adopters

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Tesla Roadster
    There's a firestorm of controversy surrounding the Tesla Roadster and its most recent set of options and pricing details. Apparently, a number of Roadster reservation holders who had already placed hefty deposits (as much as $50,000 ...

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    Clarkson fires back over Top Gear/Tesla controversy

    Click above to watch Top Gear's review of the Tesla Roadster after the jump
    Extending the controversy between Tesla Motors and Top Gear even further, Jeremy Clarkson has offered his own opinion regarding the issues of the Roadster's battery capacity and brake failure while being run 'round the Top ...

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    BBC responds to Tesla's Top Gear complaints

    Click the image above to watch Top Gear's review of the Tesla Roadster after the jump
    We've been following the roller-coaster ride that Top Gear's recent test of the Tesla Roadster has turned into with interest. Since Clarkson's video review first aired, reactions to the way the Tesla was ...

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    Tesla responds to Top Gear's test of Roadster

    Click the image above to watch Top Gear's review of the Tesla Roadster after the jump
    Tesla Motors is crying foul on a few of the claims made by Jeremy Clarkson in his recent review of the electric Roadster. You might recall that Clarkson ran out of juice while flinging the slinky Lotus-derived ...

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    Oprah's chin support buys 100th Tesla Roadster

    The night that Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech in Chicago's Grant Park, the cameras caught Oprah Winfrey pondering the historical significance of the moment while leaning on some guy's shoulder like she owned it. The man turned out to be Sam Perry, who later appeared on Oprah's TV show ...

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    Tesla needs government loans to produce Model S on time

    Detroit isn't the only place in the U.S. where struggling automakers are looking for government handouts. Tesla Motors, Silicon Valley's one and only auto manufacturer, is looking for an initial injection from the government of $350 million, which is slated to fund the development and necessary ...

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    Tesla tangles with Tango EV on dragstrip, loses

    Click above to watch the video
    Quick! What's the hottest electric car currently on the market? Did you say the Tesla Roadster? You may in fact be right, but there's another contender that you should consider before making up your mind so quickly. The fish-shaped all-electric Tango by Commuter Cars ...

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    BREAKING: Tesla Motors SVP Darryl Siry switches off!

    Siry and the Tesla Roadster
    The executive churn at Tesla Motors continues today as SVP of Marketing and Sales, Darryl Siry has resigned. In a posting on his personal blog, Siry cited "disagreements in strategy" as his reason for leaving. When AutoblogGreen contacted Siry, he declined to elaborate ...

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    Porsche on the waiting list for Tesla Roadster

    Click above for high-res image gallery of Jason's Tesla Roadster
    Electric vehicles... they're so hot right now. And none are hotter at the moment than the Tesla Roadster, which looks positively sublime in Very Orange paint. Even Porsche, the longtime purveyor of some of the world's best sporting ...

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    Tesla Model S sedan could have swappable battery pack

    There are three main obstacles to making electric cars a viable alternative to those powered by internal combustion engines: the weight, cost and range of the batteries. Internal combustion engines have range limits based on the size of their fuel tank, but it only takes a few minutes to dump 10-15 ...

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    BRABUS begins business of tuning the Tesla Roadster

    Click above for high-res gallery of the BRABUS Tesla Roadster
    As we move inexorably toward the electrification of cars, companies that have made a business out of tweaking engines for more power will have to make some significant changes to their business model. BRABUS is a company known as the ...

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    Tesla secures $40 million in financing

    Click above for a high res gallery of the Tesla Roadster v1.5
    Despite recent negative news surrounding Tesla Motors, the all-electric automaker has just secured $40 million in financing to move forward with ramping up production of its battery-powered sports car, the Tesla Roadster. It was just ...

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    Rendered Speculation: R&T takes a guess at Tesla's Model S

    Road and Track has taken an early speculative look at what Tesla's Model S sedan may look like. Of course, it's impossible to know for sure how close this rendering may be to the real thing, but it's always fun to guess, right? We can see some clear inspiration taken from the company's first ...

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    Tesla teases freshly delayed Model S sedan

    The image has been removed at the photographer's request, to view it visit BusinessWeek. var digg_url = ''; BusinessWeek has a story about last week's trials and tribulations at Tesla Motors, which wraps up ...

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    Tesla working with Daimler for electric smarts?

    Chalk this one firmly in the rumormill category, but Johnathan Bodily over at Street Import Online is reporting that he's seen what appears to be an electric smart fortwo at Tesla's facility in San Carlos plugged into a Tesla-branded charging station. What's more, this particular smart differed ...

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    Driven: 2009 Tesla Roadster v1.5

    Click above for high-res gallery of Tesla Roadster v1.5 var digg_url = ''; Last January we landed an exclusive first drive of the Tesla Roadster. We were impressed, but well aware that the particular two-gear model we drove that wet ...

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    UPDATE BREAKING: Layoffs and executive shuffles at Tesla Motors

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Tesla Roadster
    Tesla is now on its fourth CEO in just 12 months as the fledgling all-electric automaker has announced today that chief fund-raiser, architect and Chairman Elon Musk will take up the mantle from current CEO Ze'ev Drori. Early this morning ...

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    Tesla to build California factory for Model S sedan production

    The 2011 Chevy Volt has been getting the lion's share of news on the EV front, but it could be jostling for attention in late 2010 with an all-EV sedan from Tesla. Tesla has secured $100 million in private equity and another $150 million in loan guarantees from the federal government to build a new ...


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