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AddThis time-travelling ad promotes every brand, and Tesla most of all

This one's kind of a noodle-scratcher. Whatever Salesforce is – and it claims to be the "world's #1 CRM [Customer relationship management] app" – it does know how to pack a lot of brands into one video. And a strange one it is.

AddTesla Model X videos show "falcon-wing" doors in action, what it's like to ride inside

If a picture is worth a thousand words, has the Internet come up with a formula for how much a video is worth? Whatever today's exchange rate is, we knew you'd like to see the brand-new Tesla Model X in action, so we rounded up some videos of the car from the unveiling last week so you can see the "falcon-wing" doors in action and get a better impression of what the larger version of the all-electic Model S is all about.

46Together at last - Tesla Model S and Roadster hit the road

Plug your ears and keep your eyes glued to the screen. What we present here is rare footage of a Tesla Model S and a Tesla Roadster side-by-side on a picturesque, chicane-filled road. The music, in typical Tesla fashion, drowns out any automotive noise, including the wondrous whirring that emanates from these magnificent machines as they whiz on down the road.

AddTesla Model S takes to the track

Tesla Model S Alpha Prototypes at the Track – Click above to watch video after the jump

AddPC Magazine tests the Tesla Roadster. Check out the video!

What does Tesla Motors have in common with Personal Computers? A bit, I suppose, as the batteries that Tesla is using in the Roadster are lithium-ion, and similar (but on a much larger scale) to the batteries in laptop computers. Anything else? Why not watch the above video and find out what PC Magazine's Cade Metz has to say on the topic. For one, they think that the Tesla kind of sounds like a computer, in that it is quiet. I don't know about you, but I have heard some pretty loud computers in

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