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For the past few years the Model S has been the main focus of Tesla Motors, but that will soon change. In 2014, we can expect the Model X to grab an SUV-sized portion of the spotlight with the unveiling of the production prototype, first drives, and customer deliveries scheduled for the latter part of the year. For now, though, the new vehicle is still having its final production-spec lines lovingly sculpted in a clay model.


The 3rd quarter of 2011 has been a good one for Tesla Motors. Its letter to its shareholders was quite upbeat with news that sales of Roadsters and Model S reservations were on the rise, development targets for its own vehicles and the Toyota Rav4EV are being met and its financial performance was better than expected. All this put the markets in a giddy mood and its stock shot up, hitting $32.41 at one point. Days later, it remains above $31 (as of this writing).


In case you wanted more verbal assurances that Tesla Motors is indeed still working on an all-electric SUV based on the Model S platform, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has got you covered. A few months ago, Musk said that a prototype of the SUV, called the Model X, will be unveiled toward the end of 2011 (see it on video here). At the Cleantech Investor Summit in Palm Springs, CA this week, Musk humbly said that the Model X will be "cooler" than any SUV or minivan on the market, according to GigaOM. Even


It's no secret that Tesla Motors is working on a new electric version of the Toyota RAV4 with the Japanese automaker, but what's this about a Tesla Model X? That's the name Tesla CEO Elon Musk used for an upcoming SUV model during the formal opening of the company's new factory. Musk told Green Tech Media that Tesla hopes to show a prototype of the SUV/CUV by the end of 2011. After that, of course, comes production the Model S, which is scheduled to start in mid-2012 with a volume of 7,000 in th


IED Tesla EYE concept – Click above for high-res image gallery


IED Tesla EYE concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

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