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    Tesla hires former Apple retail strategist to revolutionize buying experience

    Tesla has, if nothing else, crafted a unique automobile in the Roadster. It's electric, very attractive and highly desirable. Up next, assuming all goes according to plan (a rather big assumption, granted), the Model S sedan will be equally special in the global automotive marketplace. Such ...

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    Fisker and Tesla taking different approaches to dealerships

    Both Fisker Automotive and Tesla Motors are bringing electric-powered luxury sedans and convertibles to market, but each is going about it in entirely different ways. Fisker's strategy, steered by former BMW and Volvo sales director Vic Doolan, is to license independent dealerships – some of ...

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    Tesla Stores to combine "an Apple store, a Starbucks, and a good restaurant"

    Brother blog AutoblogGreen just relayed a tidbit about Tesla Motors new dealership strategy that's set to be the most significant change in the way we buy cars since Saturn arrived on the scene. Tesla Chairman Elon Musk posted a new entry on the company blog explaining the new Tesla Stores in ...


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