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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that releasing monthly sales numbers allows the media, "to read all sorts of nonsense into the deliveries." He said that with the company's irregular delivery schedule – 1,000 in a country one month, only a handful the next – the spikes and valleys would not give an accurate picture of the company's actual orders or demand. But, when there's no transparency, people will go looking for answers – or nonsense.


Tesla's 2014 third quarter financial report mixed some positive news with gloomy messages. On one hand, the electric carmaker posted its best quarter ever in terms of deliveries, including its best single day with 907 EVs delivered. The company also announced expanded production to get even more vehicles out the door by the end of 2015. However, the Model X got delayed yet again and higher prices in Europe were mulled. Dousing the results with a bit more cold water, a Merrill Lynch investor lett


California Start-Up Keeping Up With Nissan and Leaf Sales

Nissan sold its 50,000th Leaf a total of two years and two months after introducing the EV to dealerships. Tesla isn't as established as Nissan, and its Model S - with its higher levels of luxury and performance - costs multiple times more than the Leaf. Consider the Tesla's starting price of $70,000-plus (and easily much more with a bigger battery and a few upgrades), and compare that to the Leaf's base MSRP of just a bit over $30,000 before its 2013 price cut. It would make sense, then, that i


Another brick falls as Tesla fights to practice its direct-to-consumer business model. A Massachusetts high court has thrown out a lawsuit seeking to block the electric car company from selling vehicles the Tesla way in the state. The Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association, along with two dealers, claimed that Tesla was in violation of a law that protects affiliated dealerships from oppressive practices from automakers.


Tesla Motors may make good on chief Elon Musk's claim of selling a half-million vehicles a year by the end of the decade, Motley Fool says. Of course, the author of the Foolish report in question owns Tesla shares but, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's check out the logic.


When former Apple and Gap executive George Blankenship joined Tesla back in 2010, he said he was excited to be "changing the world for the better" with "some of the boldest and brightest people on the planet." Perhaps the world has been changed enough, since Blankenship left the company a few weeks ago, notes the San Jose Mercury News.


It's no secret that Norway, even with cold winters that can bedevil electric vehicle performance, is the European EV leader. Nissan sold 1,000 Leaf EVs there in the first six months that car was available. Tesla is deploying Supercharger fast charge stations there, well before other European locations. And the national government is sticking with its plan, in effect for years already, to subsidize EVs. Add all these factors together and you get a world first: a market where the Tesla Model S has


Tesla Motors announced today that it has hit a milestone, delivering over 1,500 electric Roadsters worldwide. The fleet of battery-powered two-seaters, which may be spotted whizzing down the roads in more than 30 countries, have accumulated in excess of 8.5 million real-world miles, saving an estimated 415,000 gallons of gas. While the company can rightfully be proud of this accomplishment, let's not forget that we heard that Roadster sales hit 1,300 sometime in 2008.


Tesla's press conference at the Detroit Auto Show yesterday was refreshingly short and consisted of nothing more than CEO Elon Musk talking in front of the red Model S. He said that his company has now built 1,000 Roadsters (a year ago, it was just 150), negotiated a lease for the Model S plant (but he wouldn't say where it was) and that the 1,000th Roadster will be auctioned off for charity. Musk then took questions, but didn't exactly answer them.


2010 Tesla Roadster Sport - click above for high-res image gallery


San Jose Mercury News writer/blogger Matt Nauman wrote yesterday that Tesla has 560 orders for the all-electric Roadster, and that the first Roadsters should be delivered to the Premium buyers this fall. Tesla's David Vespremi told Nauman that they can make 800 Roadsters a year at the Lotus factory in the UK, and that all of them made in the first year will be 2008 models.

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