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62Tesla halts production to prep for Model X

That darling of the electric car world, Tesla, is idling production at its factory in Fremont, CA, for the first time in order to expand the factory in preparation for its future Model X crossover. The $100-million renovation will add 25 robots and upgrades to the body shop and assembly line to support the new vehicle.

76Experience the Tesla Model S Beta release event in HD

If your invitation to the unveiling and sweet test rides of the Tesla Model S Beta was somehow lost in the mail and the only coverage of the event you've seen is via various shaky-cam footage from attendees, you're in luck. Tesla did its own multi-camera HD filming and has released a quartet of videos that bring you into the Beta-release tent.

14Full details on Tesla/NUMMI deal disclosed

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8More details emerge on Tesla-Toyota-NUMMI agreement - it's far from a done deal

Just a few days ago, we learned of the Tesla-Toyota-NUMMI deal and many immediately rejoiced. It was one of the most exciting moments we've written about in quite some time, and we were admittedly head over heels about it. Now that the initial excitement has waned and some additional details slowly begin to trickle in, we're not quite as ecstatic any more. Why not? It turns out that the deal has lot of contingencies and there's even a possibility that part of the deal might fall through.

14Musk says hiring ex-NUMMI workers is top priority for Tesla

When NUMMI closed its doors, 4,700 employees were left stranded without a job. Then, Toyota and Tesla stunned the auto industry with the announced partnership that would bring vehicle assembly back to NUMMI, this time for an electric vehicle project that will benefit both companies. So the natural question, one that's been asked several times already is: what's to become of those former NUMMI employees?

58BREAKING: Toyota and Tesla to partner on EV production in California

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60BREAKING: Toyota and Tesla to partner on EV production in California

Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image

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