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tesla model s teaser

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    Tesla lifts the skirt on the Model S, full exposure coming March 26

    Click the Model S to enlarge
    var digg_url = ''; A couple months back, we got a glimpse of the rear bumper of Tesla's Model S via a BusinessWeek article on the company. Early this morning, we finally got an official ...

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    Rendered Speculation: R&T takes a guess at Tesla's Model S

    Road and Track has taken an early speculative look at what Tesla's Model S sedan may look like. Of course, it's impossible to know for sure how close this rendering may be to the real thing, but it's always fun to guess, right? We can see some clear inspiration taken from the company's first ...

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    Tesla teases freshly delayed Model S sedan

    The image has been removed at the photographer's request, to view it visit BusinessWeek. var digg_url = ''; BusinessWeek has a story about last week's trials and tribulations at Tesla Motors, which wraps up ...


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