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Robert Caton was trying to keep a leash on his mounting stress, but – aided by depression and two bottles of whiskey – the beast got away from him. The ensuing explosion – and, again, depression and two bottles of whiskey – led Caton to drive his restored 1983 Rolls-Royce through the front window of a Tesco store. Luckily no one was killed, but the store and the car took a severe beating.

Drunk people often display a distinct lack of comprehension, and that appears to be the case in this particular instance as well. A 1983 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit bore the brunt of the injuries when a frustrated Robert Caton of Andover, England got fed up trying to sort out a customer service problem at his local Tesco store. Apparently, Caton had placed a telephone order with Tesco Direct for a bedroom set, which arrived without a mattress. Heading off fully-cocked to sort things out, the man a

While RM Auction is still gearing up for the Leggenae e Passione event at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, rival auction house Bonhams is returning to the Aston Martin Works Service at the old factory in Newport Pagnell for its tenth annual auction of historic Aston Martin and Lagonda automobiles and automobilia. To date, the yearly event has generated a whopping £14 million in sales, and with good reason: The auction always features a tempting array of classic British sportscars and such

While many of our readers may be familiar with Connaught for its Type D hybrid sportscar, the firm is also hard at work developing its fuel saving technologies for more mundane types of vehicles. Connaught's HYBRID+ system has been affixed to seven Ford Transit vans with diesel engines that are owned by Tesco in the UK. Testing has taken place on the delivery vehicles and the numbers have been compiled. All in all, everything appears to have worked successfully, with the Transit vans recording a

We have featured lots of electric car conversions here on AutoblogGreen but until now there hasn't been very much in the way of hybrid conversions. Connaught Engineering, devisors of the hot little Type D hybrid (which should begin series production later this year) have taken the technology from their car and tweaked it to be retro-fitted to existing vehicles. An interesting proposition indeed.

Could a bad load of petrol be responsible for a string of engine problems in England? That's what investigators want to know. Engine damage has been reported by hundreds of motorists across Britain, so fuel stations have started testing their product. So far no abnormalities have been found, however, causing some consternation among those effected. Only motorists in Southeast England seem to be having the problems, so the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) feels like bad gas is th

British supermarket chain Tesco, the fourth-largest retail chain in the world, is teaming up with Los Angeles-based Solar Integrated Technologies to build what is claimed to be the world's biggest roof-top solar panel installation. Solar Integrated won the $13 million contract to install solar panels on the roof of Tesco USA's new distribution center in Riverside, California.

The environment has lept into the spotlight over the last year in a way we haven't seen before. Global warming and green house gas emissions have moved beyond a theory to be a call to arms for governments, business and individuals alike. As we all know, transport has a huge impact on green house gas emissions like carbon dioxide. In the United Kingdom, a number of new polices have recently been introduced to tax transport and encourage the use of more fuel efficient means to move around. A major

Tesco is biggest supermarket chain in the UK and starting next month, three quarters of their delivery fleet will be running on B50 biodiesel. Tesco has 2,000 trucks and vans in their fleet right now, and the change to B50 will reduce their green house gas emissions by 70,000 tonnes per year. Tesco is following the trend of other British companies that are facing pressure from consumers to be more environmentally friendly. This includes their business operations as well as the products they sell

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