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terry grant

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    Video: Watch this Nissan Leaf set a record up Goodwood... backwards

    There's more than one way to set a record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Just ask Nissan. The automaker took to the hill climb this year with its electric Leaf and actually managed to capture a spot in the record books with a unique stunt. Terry Grant jumped behind the wheel of the EV for a ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf aims to take world record in reverse at Goodwood

    When Nissan wants to set a speed record, you'd expect it to use the GT-R to get there. Or maybe one of its myriad racing cars – it does, after all, power the bulk of the LMP2 racers on the grid at Le Mans, not to mention the experimental DeltaWing. But the Leaf? Sure, maybe for ...

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    VIDEO: Terry Grant's world record "J-Turn" in a Twingo

    click above to view more images of Terry Grant's world record J-TurnYesterday we told you about stunt driver Terry Grant setting a Guiness World Record by performing a J-Turn through a narrow gap of just 378 centimeters. A J-Turn is basically reversing a car in a straight line, throwing it into a ...

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    Stunt driver spins Renault Twingo into world record books

    You know that stunt in the movies where a car drives through some impossibly narrow alley? Or how about the one where a car is drifted into a parallel parking spot at high speed? Those are tough stunts for sure, but how about spinning a car lengthwise through two barriers that are just 18 ...


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