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Ward's Auto has released its annual list of Ten Best Engines for the new year, and our first assessment is that it's just as interesting for what isn't present as for what is. First of all, let's get the official list out of the way:


var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/autos/Top_Ten_Engines_of_2007'; It's that time of year for all the end of year awards and top ten lists to surface, but Ward's always brings something different to the table. Rather than pick out the best car or truck that was new this year, the automotive trade journal picks the ten best engines, and this year it focused on motors that manage to balance the competing demands of more power and more fuel economy.


While hybrids have been included in past years' Ten Best High-Tech Engines list put out by Ward's Auto World, this year they missed out. Technoride has got a little slideshow of the ten engines and cars you can find them in and says that hybrids are absent because Ward's felt that "mixed real-world fuel economy, reduced economy in cold weather, and non-premium sounds from premium-price hybrid engines" made them less attractive.

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