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ted conference

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    Video: The Onion skewers TED Talks with compost-fueled cars

    As innovative and inspiring as the TED Conference has been over it's now 20-year history, and in spite of the success of the spin-off TED Talks video series, we admit to finding all of the above mildly pretentious sometimes. This sentiment, magnified about 100X, is felt by the hooligans at The ...

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    Video: Henrik Fisker, what are you drawing?

    "Cars have become an appliance... And on top of that, you start feeling a bit guilty about driving a car, because it pollutes, you use a lot of gasoline." These are the words of Henrik Fisker, car designer and the man who startes his own automobile company which currently builds and sells the ...

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    Video: Bill Ford is worried about traffic, talks to TED about it

    Most of us are aware of Bill Ford, Jr.'s obsession with green technology that will help conserve fossil fuels while at the same time preserving the environment, but what you may not know that the Ford family scion is also very much interested in the future of gridlock. Ford spoke at the ...

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    Video: Google talks about its driverless car tech at TED

    Sebastien Thurn has made it his life's work to save one million lives from traffic accidents. Thurn has been instrumental in the development of Google's DARPA Challenge-winning driverless car technology at Stanford University, and he's confident that his technology can not only save lives, but ...


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