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We Chose The Best New Automotive Tech

For 2016, we've split the award into two categories, one honoring a specific technology and the other going to a tech-filled car. Find out who won.

Deliberation on the winners of Autoblog's Tech of the Year Award is under way. Nominees for best car in 2016 are: the Tesla Model S, the Chevy Volt and the BMW 7 series. Nominees for best tech in 2016 are: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, VW's MiB II with AppConnect, Ford Sync 3, Audi Virtual Cockpit, the Smart Cross Connect App, and Volvo Sensus. Autoblog's Chris McGraw reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.

The two companies are pushing ahead despite slow pace of consumer demand

There are many months when we are not sure Mitsubishi Motors is still in business. But that is mostly a phenomenon of the U.S. market. In Asia and Europe, Mitsubishi is a bit more viable. And apparently the company has technology worthwhile because the Nissan-Renault alliance has advanced its deal with the Japanese automaker to bring more technology to market.

The Urbee is shaped like a bean and may lead to practical advances in car's of tomorrow

You have heard of 3D printed tools, furniture and even guns. It is not surprising that the tech craze has caught on in the automotive space.

Fast changes to the Malibu are trying to make the sedan more competitive

Chevy has added text-to-voice capability to the 2014 Chevy Malibu as the General Motors division tries to improve the overall profile of the mid-sized sedan in the middle of its product cycle.

Diesel-powered cars now make power, mileage, and very little noise.

For some reason celebrities and politicians don't seem anxious or that interested in doing a photo-op with diesel cars like they are electric and hybrid cars. But car companies are forging ahead anyway with new diesel vehicles hoping they can convince more car shoppers to try a fuel saving technology other than a gas-electric hybrid.

Technology is in experimental phase, but considered promising

There's a pedestrian approaching a crosswalk. He's plugged into his iPhone, oblivious to the fact he's walking into danger.

New app enables sharing trip sights, sounds and facts

VW and Google's new SmileDrive app is a way to boost the social fun factor of road trips and everyday commuting, all while remaining safely undistracted by data the app logs as you motor along.

Center for Defensive Driving calls infotainment system an "unmitigated disaster"

From the moment cars equipped with MyFord Touch rolled off the assembly line two short years ago, the infotainment system has been a black eye for the company.

Tech giant received patent earlier this week

Siri is already becoming a more prominent fixture in our vehicles as Apple finds ways to collaborate with car makers. Now we've got a glimpse at what other vehicular developments are coming from the tech giant.

Anticipated turbo diesel goes on sale this week in United States and Canada

The traditional model of the Chevy Cruze sold more than 280,000 vehicles in the North American market last year. How many will the turbo-diesel model sell?

Physical knobs to be used for simpler functions

Amid continued customer criticism of its MyFord Touch infotainment technology, Ford Motor Company has announced that it will bring back some conventional analog knobs for functions such as volume control and radio tuning in vehicles equipped with the system.

Customers buying a 2014 GM vehicle will get five free years

OnStar pioneered the connected car, offering emergency services and navigation functions to drivers.

GM says it plans to have its hands-free driving system on the market by the end of this decade

Don't be surprised if you see a Cadillac on the road later this year being driven by a driver whose got both arms up in the air.

Jennifer Johansen of Tacoma, wife and Mother of two, wins the car

AOL Autos in January set out to give a 2013 Dodge Dart Limited equipped with Uconnect to a reader, and our winner is Jennifer Johansen, a wife and mother of two young daughters.

When planning the first ever Technology of the Year Award, our colleagues at AOL Autos decided early on that it would be great to give away the winning technology. Since all of this tech comes attached to vehicles, that meant giving away another car!

Infotainment gaining in importance for Ford

Instead of leading Ford into the future, the company's efforts to outfit its vehicles with the latest technology have backfired.

Cool new features could vastly improve safety on the road

YOKOSUKA, Japan -- Electronically managed steering that bypasses the mechanical link of a clutch is among the new safety technology from Japanese automaker Nissan.

That question, and others, answered by Paul Mascarenas, Ford's Chief Technology Officer

The recent unveiling of the revamped Ford Fusion wasn't just a big deal to Ford because of the car. It was also a big deal because of the technology inside the car.

Japanese automaker using app that scans VIN numbers of returning leases

Returning a leased vehicle could soon be as easy as turning in a rental car for customers of Nissan and Infiniti.

App allows control over multiple functions of the car

For those who like OnStar and GM vehicles, the company has put more control over the car and its features into your own hand and smartphone than ever before via a product called OnStar Remotelink.

You don't have to have a GM car any more to have popular system

You have seen or heard the ads. A woman is in an accident and OnStar knows because there airbags went off, and so the OnStar advisor asks the driver if she is okay while emergency medical teams are on the way.

Interest in connectivity splits along generational lines, according to poll

In recent years, automakers have rushed to introduce all sorts of technology that keeps drivers connected to their mobile devices, cell phones, email accounts and music while they're on the road. Maybe it's time they pause and reconsider.

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