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    Ilmor Engineering builds a five-stroke engine

    English engineering firm Ilmor knows all about engine design, having produced powerplants for Formula One, IndyCar, and NASCAR. But its latest internal combustion creation, in contrast to those racing engines, is designed to burn fuel more frugally: a gas-powered five-stroke with diesel ...

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    Why does a road ripple like a washboard? Here comes the science...

    The good news is that the men in white coats have figured out why washboard roads develop on sand, gravel or any other loosely-surfaced roads. Above a certain speed, any linear force interacting with the surface causes the force to skip over the surface like a rock skipping over the water. The ...

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    Dead Diesels: Six automakers reportedly kill plans for oil burners

    Diesel's near-term prospects in America took a huge hit with the revelation that nine diesel-powered 2010 models are on hold. Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan have put the kibosh on rolling out more oil burners due to cost and perception issues. Toyota's obviously on a ...

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    Audi updates MMI system for 2010 A3, TT and R8

    Audi's Multi-Media Interface, which is arguably the best of the various all-in-one graphical user interface systems favored, has just got better. According to Audi, resolution on the system's 6.5-inch screen is getting bumped up to 800 x 480, route calculation will happen faster with a 600 MHz ...

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    Pioneer using WiMax to send content to your car

    Pioneer's prototype mobile network AV playback system - Click above to view the video after the jump
    With so many infotainment devices being created, we're beginning to wonder what people are actually doing in their cars -- or rather, if they ever get out of their cars. Pioneer has thrown another ...

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    Spy Shots: Mercedes-Benz S-Class mule with PRE-SCAN technology spotted?

    At the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz revealed its F700 concept. In addition to being a big sedan with a tiny gas engine, it also wore a version of Mercedes' PRE-SCAN predictive suspension system. The technology scans the road ahead with a set of lasers mounted next to the headlights, and ...

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    VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz ESF S400 Concept's "Braking Bag" in action

    Mercedes-Benz ESF 2009 - Click above for a high-res gallery. Follow the jump for video.
    Mercedes-Benz has built an S400 Hybrid called the Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESF in German) as a rolling jack-in-the-box of the company's safety technology. One of those tech highlights is the braking ...

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    The new Audi: more performance, less weight

    Audi is developing the groundwork for an entirely new way of building its cars. The future for the four rings is light weight, giving it the proper base to support the best hybrid and electric cars, as well as extract the most from its traditional offerings. As previously reported, the first ...

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    REPORT: Honda to invest in Pioneer electronics

    In spite of Honda's $2.91 billion Q1 loss, the Japanese marque knows the investment show must go on, and it's reported to be finalizing a stake in Pioneer. The Japanese electronics maker is shutting down its home electronics division, which has been losing money for years, in order to focus on ...

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    Transparent displays on their way to automobiles

    There's no doubt that car dashboards will soon be swept up in the technology revolution -- but rear-view mirrors? Korean company NeoView Kolon developed a kind of transparent transistor for an OLED display, and now they have found a way to integrate that technology into a rear-view mirror. As seen ...

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    Mazda makes commitment to diesels, weight reduction over hybrids

    2010 Mazda CX-7 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Not long ago, the premium German manufacturers said they were going to push diesels instead of hopping on the hybrid train, but we see where that's gone: Porsche has hybrids, BMW is pushing its coming hybrids, and Mercedes is oozing ...

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    GM to engage in tech-sharing with Saab even after parting ways?

    2010 Saab 9-3X debut in Geneva – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Glimmers of hope are arguably about all Saab has to hang onto now, but the Swedish brand hasn't stopped reaching for them. Saab is currently in bankruptcy proceedings while parties on both sides look to extricate the ...

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    Shakeup: Fast & Furious to be first major movie release with D-Box

    D-Box aims to put viewers into the movies they've paid to go see by moving the chairs they sit in. It works by translating the onscreen action into motion code, which is then used to control chairs equipped with actuators that can pinch, roll, heave, and vibrate the seat in sync with whatever's ...

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    Researchers develop self-repairing paint powered by the sun

    In another case of Nature to the Rescue, scientists have come up with a polyurethane coating that repairs itself in the sun. The secret ingredient: chitosan, which comes from the shells of crustaceans and is also used for water filtration, blood clotting and as a diet aid. The common principle ...

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    Could it work? Eight-way adjustable wheels for more cornering force

    DAWS concept - Click above for gallery
    When Charles Pyott considered the possibility of on-the-fly adjustable camber, he looked at motorcycles, the human foot and cars like the Mercedes F400 Carving and the BMW Clever. What he came up with isn't something you'll find on any of them: the Dynamically ...

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    Mitsubishi unveils in-dash Blu Ray player

    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MEC) wants to be able to offer a 1 DIN Blu-ray DVD player in the 2009 fiscal year. The unit, 1/3 the size of an at-home Blue-ray player, will not only fit in a standard dash slot but will also play BD-ROM, BD-R, and BD-RE discs. MEC says the kit is expected to go ...

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    Hughes Telematics working on downloadable apps for vehicles

    What's good for the iPhone is apparently good for the sedan. Hughes Telematics is working up a suite of programs that will work with its in-car communications technology and allow you to download applications for your car. From tailored data collection to controlling your car's systems with your ...

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    Audi partners with PDM to create 'Holographic Virtual Assistant'

    The woman you see in the picture above isn't an actual human -- she's a life-sized hologram. PDM, an Australian out-of-home digital media company, created the hologram to present "customers an entertaining way to gather product knowledge and information about Audi's offering." A load of tech and a ...

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    Peugeot delaying launch of plug-in hybrid?

    Peugeot plans to offer its 3008 CUV with a diesel-electric hybrid by 2011. The step after that is to add plug-in capability, but those plans have been pushed back "a year or two" because of the economy. With R&D budgets pinched by slim sales, the investment in the technology simply can't be ...

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    Pirelli working with Brembo and Magneti Marelli on Cyber Tire

    Pirelli's Cyber Tire will provide real-time tire performance information via a chip/transponder setup in the tire tread. Operating temperature and pressures, typology of the road's surface, and vertical load exerted on the tire will be among the data collected and monitored. The system will work in ...


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