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    Automobile takes a look at the early history of 'sudden acceleration'

    Unintended acceleration didn't start with Toyota, nor did it start with the Audi 5000 – it's probably been around since the first man put a leg over what he thought was a tamed horse. Automobile Magazine takes a look at the phenomenon of accidentally wide-open throttles circa 1957, when ...

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    Silent electric vehicles to cause new problems for NVH engineers?

    A researcher at Renault said customers surveyed last year about what they want in an electric car responded, "silence, peace of mind and comfortable riding, a windy sound quality, a fluid driving experience like a skipper enjoying a sailboat." That sounds dreamy, until you realize how loud a car ...

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    Volvo unveils touchscreen rear entertainment with 500GB and WiFi

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    Cyberdyne Systems Toyota reportedly working on robots to look after the elderly

    We have an announcement to make: the Robot Apocalypse is not on its way. The Robot Apocalypse has officially begun. Toyota is working on a plethora of robots that will assist in caring for the elderly. Home health care is massively expensive and time consuming, and if the task were pawned off on ...

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    Ford turns to virtual reality to design better cars... and space missions?

    Ford appears to be using any advantage it can, from any industry, to make better cars and make them more quickly. Last month we got word of the motion-capping tech The Blue Oval borrowed from video games and movies. This month the news is that it's putting all of that mo-cap work into its ...

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    Build your own remote starter with a pre-paid mobile phone

    There are a lot of reasons for invention that goes beyond necessity, and pure want is right up there at the top. A clever gent named Dave tired of making the 15-minute walk to his freezing cold car, so he built a long-distance remote starter from a prepaid cellphone. To make it work, Dave ...

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    SYNC to offer iTunes tagging through HD radio

    Here's another first for Ford after the revelation of its motion-capturing software: The Blue Oval will be the first to offer iTunes tagging through iPods on SYNC-equipped vehicles. Right behind the announcement of mobile Internet connectivity being added to SYNC, this will go along with the ...

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    Ford uses videogame/movie-style motion capture software to aid vehicle design

    Ford's Human Occupant Package Simulator -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    Wishing to sharpen up the eternally imprecise data collected by using with real, live human beings, Ford is apparently the first automaker to use motion-capture software to assist with its vehicle design. The ...

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    Which iPhone navigation app should you buy? This'll help

    The season of hitting the roads to places you don't really want to go, so that you can give gifts you didn't really want to buy and eat food you don't really like has begun. Naturally, a lot more people on the road means a lot more folks getting lost. Fear not, you invincible iPhone-equipped ...

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    Return of Paperboy? Honda unveils Bicycle Simulator

    You remember Nintendo's Paperboy, right? Back in Triassic era of videogames, you had to deliver the day's print to the right house while not getting run over by a car or taken out by a tire. Not exactly the most direct way to learn bicycle safety, but it was fun. A more efficient way to stay ...

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    Ricardo develops airplane taxi bot to reduce emissions, noise

    Ricardo TaxiBot -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's certainly good to see some other wheeled vehicles doing their part for the environment, even if it is an airplane -- especially if it's an airplane. Actually this news isn't about the plane itself, but a "pilot-controlled towing ...

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    Platoon: GPS-based road trains set to test on European roads?

    GPS-based road train – Click above for gallery
    It goes by the name "Sartre," but it has nothing to do with existentialism and just a little bit to do with exits. The Safe Road Trains for the Environment program is a three-year European study centering on the creation of 'platoons' of ...

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    VIDEO: Audi in on developing dashboard-mounted buddy robot

    MIT and Audi present Aida -- Click above to watch video
    We don't know where carmakers got the idea that we want intelligent robots learning our behavior and then talking to us. Wherever it was, we don't want it any more than they thought we did 25 years ago in a talking Maxima. Nissan has its ...

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    Stealing Current: LoJack goes no-power for hybrids

    LoJack systems draw their power from your car or your motorcycle's (or laptop's) battery to send their signal. With a traditional vehicle, this generally isn't a problem as the draw is small and as long as the a car gets driven regularly, there's plenty of juice on tap. Hybrids are another matter ...

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    VIDEO: More autonomous VW action from Stanford

    VAIL Autonomous valet parking demo -- Click above to view the video after the jump
    You didn't think having an Audi TTS climb Pike's Peak was the only thing that Stanford's Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory was working on, did you? No, they're also working on something closer to home -- ...

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    Stanford to run driverless Audi TT-S up Pikes Peak next year [w/VIDEO]

    Stanford's autonomously drifting Audi TTS -- Click above to view video after the jump
    If you read AutoblogGreen regularly, then you already know that Volkswagen and Stanford University have taken their relationship that began with developing autonomous vehicles to compete in the ...

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    Tokyo 2009: Mazda's Sky G and Sky D engines should come with straws for sipping

    Mazda Sky D and Sky G engines -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Mazda Sky D diesel and Sky G gasoline engines are meant to bring "everlasting blue sky" to oversee "sustainable Zoom-Zoom." Both utilize low-friction engine blocks, direct injection and piezo-electric injectors. The Sky G ...

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    VIDEO: Microsoft may one-up Google Street View with virtual video drives

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    Until cars drive themselves and we absolutely can't get lost, automakers and sat nav companies are steadily enhancing the graphics of navigation systems to make it easier to find the next right turn. Navigation systems in Renaults, for instance, ...

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    VIDEO: Citroën using cool interactive "augmented reality" tech to pitch new DS3

    Citroën DS3 in augmented reality -- Click above to watch video
    Citroën is using the latest in video technology to promote its newest compact, the DS3. First, you go to Citroën's augmented reality website and print out the interactive pages. Then, after you enter the augmented ...

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    VIDEO: The future of car configurators, brought to you on Microsoft Surface

    The Neue Digital / Razorfish car configurator – Click above to watch video
    Microsoft Surface is, at its most basic, a table-sized touchscreen computer. You can play with them at rather select locations, but we haven't yet begun to see what the thing can do because there aren't enough people ...


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