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    Android integration comes to your car's mirror [w/video]

    Just when you thought manufacturers couldn't cram any more technology into a vehicle, CES rolls through Las Vegas to show off all-new levels of car-bound gadgetry. A company by the name of Rydeen hopes to produce a new range of stereo head units that run the Android operating system. The ...

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    Report: General Motors, BMW to shack up on fuel cell development

    Reuters reports that General Motors and BMW are headed toward a partnership that may see the two automakers join forces on the creation of a fuel cell system. German business magazine Wirtschafts Woche has cited unnamed industry sources as saying talks between the companies are already quite ...

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    Low-cost collision avoidance tech on the horizon for cheaper vehicles?

    The fact is that small cars get into more accidents than large and mid-sized cars, and the fatality rates for small cars are about twice as high as their larger siblings. Yet it's the large – and usually expensive and luxurious – cars that get features like collision avoidance ...

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    Rumormill: McLaren looking into hybrid tech for future sports cars

    McLaren MP4-12C - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Last summer, McLaren Automotive posted a job vacancy for a senior engineer specializing in hybrid powertrain technology. This summer there's a new hybrid-related posting: one for an electrical engineer of hybrid electric vehicle systems. ...

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    Report: Mercedes-Benz developing 'Magic' active body control

    Mercedes-Benz has codenamed its latest suite of driver convenience aids "Magic," and the automaker will soon introduce a Magic Carpet Magic Body Control suspension technology and a Magic Sky Control roof tech. Sadly, there are no wizards nor Tinkerbells involved in any of this, just a whole bunch ...

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    Ford begins using WiFi to install Sync on assembly lines

    In case you thought installing SYNC into Ford vehicles was a ho-hum-whatever affair, that's not the case – Ford puts a lot of thought into it. The Blue Oval's latest assembly line advance is to have SYNC's infotainment software installed into the 2011 Ford Edge via WiFi. Made possible by ...

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    It Will Never End: Mercedes-Benz reportedly working on nine-speed automatic

    According to Autocar, an admission by a Mercedes-Benz engineer proves that the company is working on a nine-speed automatic transmission. That isn't exactly new, since talk of such a beast has been broached before. The difference this time is that Autocar's sources says the gearbox will be ...

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    Lamborghini announces new carbon fiber research center

    Lamborghini's Advanced Composite Research Center – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Lamborghini has announced its intentions to build lighter cars, and that means more carbon fiber and carbon composites. The stampeding bull is already deep into the stuff, with the Murcielago ...

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    Video: BMW's iDrive gets improved iPod functionality

    BMW's iDrive features for the iPod – Click above to watch video after the jump
    One of the next steps to evolve BMW's iDrive into Connected Drive is increasing the communication the car has with peripherals. In this case, work is nearly complete on you being able to control your iPod Touch ...

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    Michelin Primacy MXM4 uses sunflower oil to make the world better

    The oldest and fiercest tire war is not the one waged for any motorsport victory, but the one that is still trying to win your hearts and wallets. In fact, the latter begets the former. And in a new and changing – and supposedly more caring – world, tire makers are turning to ...

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    Skobbler first totally free turn-by-turn navigation app for iPhone

    Skobbler has introduced a completely free, turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone, with one new and unusual detail: you help play the role of cartographer. Sort of like Linux for thoroughfares, you download the Skobbler app and then use CloudMade, a community-sourced mapping to add ...

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    Ford hires U.S. military's virtual soldier as assembly line avatar

    Santos, Ford's manufacturing avatar – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Technology is your friend, but no one said it's always going to be not creepy nice to look at. The fellow there next to the Ford Fiesta is named "Santos." He's a U.S. Department of Defense creation working ...

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    Report: Apps coming to future Audi models - but not the way you think

    When Audi says it is going to have apps available for download to its cars by the end of the decade, it doesn't mean an app like Bejeweled 2 – it means an app like heated seats. Taking the term "app" back to its more expansive origin in "software application," Audi plans to make cars ...

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    Speed launching internet-only Speed2 broadband network this summer

    Speed Network is about to launch broadband Internet channel to complement its broadcast channel, but only for those who subscribe to the network through Time Warner Cable (TWC). You don't, though, need to be a TWC Internet subscriber to get the channel. Among the many offerings will be FIA GT1 ...

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    Scosche developing first official iPad dash-mount kit

    Scosche's iKit for in-car iPad installation – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Two years ago at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas we were told by a number of car interior designers that iPhone control of in-car infotainment systems was going to be a huge thing in the near future. In the ...

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    Report: Hyundai to introduce stop-start tech in two years

    The Hyundai-Kia train and its full head of steam don't look likely to give out any time soon. To wit, the company has been adding style to its price and fuel frugality, and technology isn't being left out. The Sonata Hybrid is on its way for next year and will boast better mileage than the 35-mpg ...

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    Report: Japanese automakers developing e-tag system to streamline auto shipments

    Cars might be techno-marvels, but the way cars get from the factory to your driveway, in large part, isn't. Plain old ink and paper, with carbon copies for good measure, still factors into the process – and that means an extra dose of time and (potential) error as well. Japan's Yomiuri ...

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    If they can't be fixed, more visible potholes are better than nothing

    Here's the theory: make potholes easier to see, and they'll be easier to avoid. How would it work? Employ a base layer underneath the road in some garish color, and when tarmac divots appear, voila, the things stick out like wounds. Both theories have been suggested by Domenico Diego and Cristina ...

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    Roewe 350: The first car to run on Android

    Google and the Chinese government are having a little row right now, but that hasn't stopped China's love for Google goods. The production lines for the Roewe 350 have started rolling out sedans, and the little four-door, designed as a sign of SAIC's automotive futur,e is certainly headed for ...

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    Report: GM developing twin-turbo 3.0L V6 to fight EcoBoost

    These are the days when V6 engines are getting all the love, and the reasons are obvious. Chrysler has finally got its Phoenix Pentastar V6 on, and down under General Motors recently rolled out the facelifted Commodore line with its 3.0-liter SIDI V6. The point is to provide solid power and go ...


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