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    Video: Alex Roy and Team Polizei in "The Battle of Rome"

    Team Polizei and the Battle of Rome – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It's been five years since Alex Roy and Team Polizei took on the infamous 2005 Gumball Rally in their equally sinister BMW M5. Through the blessed passage of time, the statute of limitations on most of the ...

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    Alex Roy retires from rallying, campaigning team in Grand Am Rolex series

    In a move that's sure to surprise almost no one, Alex Roy – head of Team Polizei, multi-rally champion, author of The Driver and the man responsible for crossing the continent in 31:04 – has officially retired from road rallies. Roy, who hasn't participated in one of the ego-fueled ...

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    The Driver: U.S. Transcontinental rally record broken, details, debate and more

    Click the shot above for over 80 pics, scans and images.If you were scouring the interwebs yesterday, you might have come across a story about Team Polizei's record-breaking transcontinental run from New York to L.A. Our friends over at Jalopnik were present at the start and finish lines, with ...

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    Fear the man: British cops channel their inner Makinen with EVO cruisers

    A recent conversation with a colleague, whose previous stint as a traffic officer in the UK equipped him to become one of the preeminent driving instructors in the U.S., prompted a discussion of law enforcement exercises. Apparently in the U.K., it's not uncommon to see an unmarked Volvo, with ...

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    The saga continues: Gumballer Nick Morley guilty, but may be released

    Earlier today, we got word from Team Polizei founder Alex Roy that a court in Macedonia found Nick Morely responsible for the deaths of the Cepuljoskis, which resulted after his Porsche Turbo struck the couple during the 2007 Gumball Rally. At this point, however, the court has decided to release ...


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