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    Geely channels London's iconic taxi with Englong SC7-RV for Shanghai

    Chinese automaker Geely is part owner of Manganese Bronze, which makes the famous black taxi cabs for the UK and Chinese markets. But while a pricey cab makes sense for the UK, a high-dollar cab in China isn't always profitable. For that reason, Geely will introduce the Englong SC7-RV next week ...

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    Surprise! New York cabbies prefer Crown Vics to hybrids

    If it weren't for the somewhat obsessive and frankly narrow-minded love by taxi drivers and police officers for the body-on-frame Ford Crown Victoria, we'd imagine the old Panther platform would have been put out to pasture a very long time ago. As it stands, though, New York cabbies especially ...

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    AM General to produce Standard Taxi cabs?

    It sure ain't pretty, though beauty, in this case, is likely in the eye of the beholder. A few years back, a new take on the taxi was provided by Standard Taxi, a company based in Troy, Michigan. The design for the purpose-built people hauler uses GM running gear and is able to haul four passengers ...

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    New low-emissions London Black Cab to be based on Mercedes-Benz Vito Traveliner

    Londoners could be swapping out black cabs for black vans pretty soon. EcoCity vehicles, through its subsidiary KPM-UK, has worked with LTI, the maker of the famous black cab, for almost 20 years. Now EcoCity has signed an agreement with Mercedes-Benz to produce cabs out of Vito Traveliner vans, ...

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    Prague taxi drivers rip off mayor in disguise

    Click image for photo galleryPrague has an issue with its taxi drivers. They're notorious ripoff artists, as any number of Prague-related travel sites will tell you. It's gotten to the point where the problem is viewed as being detrimental to overall tourism in the city. In response, a local ...

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    We experience NYC's in-cab information screens

    While I get into the city on a semi-regular basis, I don't usually take a cab. I prefer to walk or take the subway, as doing so is usually a.) easier and b.) less expensive. Nothing's worse than sitting in the back seat of a cab, stuck in traffic, watching the meter run. Sometimes, however, you ...


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