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    Video: This FL man accused of stealing drivers licenses has best tattoo ever

    Bentley and Porsche are two of the jewels in Volkswagen Group's luxury brand crown, but in Florida they also have a very tenuous connection with crime. With his multiple face and neck tattoos, including a Bentley logo right between his eyes, Derek Denesevich (pictured above) has been charged with ...

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    Pirelli teams up with Scott Campbell for tire tattoo art [w/video]

    Pirelli teamed up with tattoo artist Scott Campbell for a special project at the tire manufacturer's newest flagship store in Milan, Italy. Campbell turned his skill with a needle and ink to tire sculpting. Using a gouge, the artist inscribed images of an eye, a heart and a skull into the tread ...

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    Man tattooes 'Mini' on his penis to win free Cooper

    2011 Mini Cooper – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Think about the craziest thing you would do to win a free car. Andreas Muller of Germany has you beat. Muller really – really – wanted to win the Mini Cooper being given away by his local radio station, and in order to ...

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    CEL Tattoo: We don't wanna know where to plug the code reader

    Click above for a gallery of Mike's CEL tat
    Cynics might suggest that driving a Volkswagen is one way to have the Check Engine light's pictogram seared into your retinas. Rather than carp about the reputation, Mike Templeton of has chosen to embrace, and even celebrate his Jetta's ...

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    Cavalier love gone too far?

    click above for a better view var digg_url = ''; Autoblog reader Brad sent us a link to the J-Body forums where we found this extraordinarily unique form of self mutilation. Reading through this forum post's comments ...

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    Car piercing: You've got to be kidding

    Well, well, well, we thought we had seen it all. Apparently, though, there's an endless supply of reasons to ask, what the? These crazy kids with their tats and piercings and X-treme lifestyles are taking over the world. So it shouldn't come as too big a surprise that they would share their ...


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