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    2009 X Games Rally Car ride along

    2009 X Games Rally Car ride along – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you've never been given a "hot lap" by a professional driver, let me try and convey what the experience is like. You're usually dehydrated and have been standing on a heat-soaked paddock for far too long. ...

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    Ford Fiestas set to break up Subaru's party at X Games 15

    Ford Fiesta X Games Preview - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    The first three X Games Rally competitions have been dominated by Subaru, with most of the drivers picking the WRX STi as their vehicle of choice. Ford is determined to change that, and is making its X Games debut with a trio ...

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    Ford attacking X Games with star-studded trio of Fiesta rally cars

    Tanner Foust's 2009 Olsbergs MSE ROCKSTAR Ford Fiesta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford knows better than most that the way into an American car buyer's heart is through motor racing, so the latest step in Ford's North American "Fiesta Movement" is the deployment of the compact ...

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    Tanner Foust's V8 RWD Scion tC Formula Drift car unveiled

    2009 Formula D AEM/Rockstar Scion tC - Click above for high-res image gallery
    While all eyes were on Scion unveiling its take on the Toyota iQ city car at the New York Auto Show, the youth-oriented Toyota division quietly let slip a batch of photos of its latest challenger for the Formula Drift ...

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    VIDEO: Rockstar/AEM's NASCAR V8-powered Scion tC drift car gets unboxed

    Click above to view the videos after the jump
    Here are two things that don't come to mind when you think of Scion: rear-wheel drive and V8 power. But that's exactly what the Rockstar/AEM crew have created with the Formula D-bound Scion tC. Joe Gibbs, TRD and Papadakis Racing put in the wrench time ...

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    Tanner Foust takes Travis Pastrana's place at the Race of Champions

    After a report surfaced yesterday that Travis Pastrana sustained injuries to his hip and ankle during an unknown accident, rumors began to circulate that Tanner Foust would replace the X Games alumni and three-time RoC finalist in this weekend's Race of Champions. The rumors have been confirmed and ...

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    Tanner Foust captures second straight Formula Drift championship

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Formula Drift Series at Irwindale Our never-ending interest in the upcoming U.S. Top Gear has us usually thinking of Tanner Foust as a television host, so we often forget that he has another day job sliding a Nissan 350Z around racetracks in the Formula ...

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    Tanner tests his Top Gear skills on the Lambo Reventon

    One-third of American Top Gear, Tanner Foust, spent a day in the Lamborghini Reventon, and here's his verdict: "Thumbs up big girl!" The fractional bit of additional horsepower didn't mean much to him, but he did say the brakes were more capable, and, surprise, the car is quite wide and people like ...

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    Rally at X Games 14 wows the crowds [SPOILER ALERT]

    Click above for high-res gallery of rally at X Games 14You can bitch and moan about the X Games version of rally racing being less pure than what you see on WRC, and while there are no trees whizzing by or bottomless pits in which to careen, the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA offered many ...

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    Top Gear pilot: That's a wrap!

    Filming for the NBC pilot for Top Gear has wrapped. Speculation about the show's format and hosting choices has left Top Gear fans hoping for at least a decent representation of the popular British show. Some of those prayers may be answered , as NBC brought in a number of BBC folks, along with the ...

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    Tanner Foust sheds light on Top Gear USA in blog interview

    With all our mouths salivating over the upcoming NBC version of the hit BBC program Top Gear, the guys over at Autofiends got a chance to sit down with Tanner Foust. As we revealed a couple of weeks ago, in addition to being a drifting and rallying champion, Tanner will be one of the three hosts ...

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    Top Gear USA hosts announced!

    Top Gear has just officially announced who will be hosting the U.S. version of the popular car show born in the UK and now officially scheduled to appear on NBC sometime this fall, and the winners are... (drum roll, please): Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer. Everyone knows Adam Carolla, ...


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