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The rich folk of Hollywood, it's probably fair to say, switch out their bling mobiles on a pretty regular basis because, well, because they can. There are, however, a few who have embraced green transportation alternatives like Ed Begley Jr. (bicycle) and Darryl Hannah (former biodiesel El Camino owner). While George Clooney doesn't see himself as an environmental spokesperson per se, (he did, after all, make use of a private jet recently to get himself to the Venice film festival) he is pretty


I was passing by my local scooter store the other day when I caught a glimpse of what looked like a small three-wheeled road-going vehicle. Since traffic was demanding my attention I didn't get a good look and thought it might be a Cree, an electric three-wheeler from Switzerland, but then I remembered they weren't being produced yet. Puzzled, I gave the store a ring and made an inquiry and they were only too happy to give me the details which I will now share with you.


Tango creator Rick Woodbury addresses safety concerns anyone might have while driving his narrow-bodied electric vehicle. The advantages are obvious: easy parking, slipping through congested traffic, no wasted space. Skeptics question the safety of such a small vehicle in a jungle filled with 7,000-pound SUVs. Rollover and crash protection bring on the obvious anxiety. But Woodbury says his vehicle has the static rollover threshold of a Porsche 911 because of the battery location. And the Tango


Sometimes it seems like we write about another EV startup company every day here on AutoblogGreen. And yet we apparently can't keep up with all of them. Just yesterday, the day we featured the Evette, AutoblogGreen reader Chris Nelson reminded us about Commuter Cars, the maker of the Tango. We've mentioned the Tango once here, noting that George Clooney owns one. But the tiny Tango deserves another look. In some aspects, it's got what the Tesla Roadster's got (zero tailpipe emissions, zero to 60

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