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takuma sato

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    Takuma Sato gatecrashes Autocar's party

    Steve Sutcliffe was wrapping up Autocar's annual 0-100-0 test when a well spoken Japanese gentleman wandered over and started checking out the cars. Now what would you do if you had a car park full of supercars, a private track rented for the day and a Formula 1 driver hove in to view? Give him ...

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    Takuma Sato back on Track

    Takuma Sato's fans had pretty much given up on seeing their idol on track this past weekend at the British Grand Prix. Many of them had bought plane and/or GP tickets well in advance, only to be disappointed when Super Aguri followed Minardi, and Arrows in to the annals of Formula 1 history just ...

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    Takuma Sato Gets New Seat

    At first glance this could be Super Aguri's latest F1 contender. It's not like they need any bodywork for all their sponsors' stickers... But no, it is a limited edition Takuma Sato Play Seat that can be parked in front of your TV for just 60,900 cents/Yen (around $600 USD). There goes that ...

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    Formula 1: Super Aguri bench Yuji Ide

    The Super Aguri F1 team is accepting the "advice" of the FIA, and is withdrawing rookie driver Yuji Ide from competition, effective immediately. Ide remains with the team as a test driver, where the team intends to give him the opportunity to gain the experience necessary to return to F1 ...


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