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    Motor Trend releases annual industry Power List

    A lot has changed for automakers in the last year, not the least of which would be General Motors. Just last year, GM CEO Rick Wagoner managed to grab the top spot on Motor Trend's list of most powerful people in the automotive world. As you might imagine, it's tough at the top and a bankruptcy ...

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    Automobile names Takeo Fukui MOTY

    Honda is one of the few automakers that's demonstrated studied restraint during the recent SUV boom. There is the Pilot, which is a big ol' thing, but it's also as efficient as something that size can be, with unit-body construction, and an engine that shuts off three of its six cylinders whenever ...

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    Nissan GT-R named Car of the Year by Automobile Mag

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Nissan GT-R
    Nissan has hit a major home run with its latest Skyline, known as the GT-R here in the States. In fact, the car was knocked so far out of the park that it seems an obvious choice for anyone's Car of the Year. Nissan's latest supercar boasts ...

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    Honda CEO demands NSX be faster around 'Ring than GT-R

    By now we've all seen the spy shots showing Acura's NSX revival bombing around the Nürburgring in Germany. There's a reason those drivers are pushing their prototype hard enough to get air through the turns. Inside Line is reporting the Honda CEO Takeo Fukui wants his NSX to toast both the ...

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    Honda takes shot at Chevy Volt

    Man, what's with everyone harshing on the Chevy Volt? First it was Toyota, which took a shot at Chevy's series hybrid on its Open Road blog and then attempted to defend its comments in a future posting. Now Honda has jumped into the fray, swinging wildly away at the Great Hybrid Hope from the bow ...

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    Honda will have a fuel-cell car for sale by 2018

    In a recent interview, Honda President Takeo Fukui said that he fully expects to offer a fuel-cell Honda by 2018. Nissan has already gone on record as saying they plan to have a fuel-cell vehicle on the road by the early 2010s. So that might seem like a long way off, especially considering the FCX ...

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    Honda may outfit Ridgeline and others with V6 diesel

    In an interview with Automotive News, Honda's CEO, Takeo Fukui said that the automaker's newly developed diesel technology will find its way into their light truck offerings of the future.The vehicles identified by Fukui as being the likely recipients of a V6 diesel are the Ridgeline pickup, Pilot ...

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    Honda looks to expand U.S. capacity to feed high demand

    In an apparent sharp contrast to Auto News James B. Treece’s opinion that Honda Motors is in trouble, the automaker has announced it is considering expanding its U.S. plants and even adding a new one. In particular, demand for its award-winning new Civic is also forcing the company to ...


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