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takara tomy

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    Video: Self-transforming Camaro robot unveiled at Tokyo Toy Show

    Never doubt the ingenuity of toy makers. Unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Toy Show, toy-maker Takara Tomy has created a real-life transforming Chevrolet Camaro, although it isn't named Bumblebee. Along with Hasbro, Takara Tomy created the Transformers toys from decades past, and we can only imagine how ...

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    Megatron hides from humans in Nissan 370Z form

    Click above for image gallery of Alternity Megatron
    To go along with the recent addition of Alternity Convoy, a version of Optimus Prime in Japan that transforms into a Nissan GT-R, comes another new toy in the same series by TakaraTOMY. What bot would be a better followup to Prime than Megatron? ...


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