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    Video: Dashcam video of Taiwan's gas-triggered street explosions hits the web

    Dashcam video has brought us some fantastic images over the years, but it recorded true tragedy overnight on July 31 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. A gas main explosion in the city was responsible for at least 25 deaths and over 250 injuries, according to The Wall Street Journal. The cause of the horrific ...

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    Video: This is the most epic scooter traffic jam you'll see all day

    It's hard to fathom just how bad traffic can be in Asia. Sure, we hear about 60-mile-long jams and that motorists in China lose nine days a year to traffic, but until you can actually bear witness to the madness that is rush hour in an Asian city, there's no way to know how bad it is. It makes ...

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    Video: Dashcam captures Taiwanese motorist escaping mudslide, Indiana Jones-sized boulder

    Talk about a close call! During a recent rainstorm in Taiwan's Badouzi Coastal Park, a mudslide and accompanying colossal boulder nearly flattened a car on the roadway below. Fortunately for everyone involved, the iceberg-sized rock stops just short of the car and its very lucky occupants (hey, ...

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    Video: Porsche 911: Big in Taiwan

    Porsche is continuing celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of its iconic 911. In its latest video, it's gone to Taiwan, to interview some of the folks that have grown passionate about the rear-engined sportscar over the years. By and large, the views expressed in this video could have come ...

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    Video: If you're going to fake being run over, make sure a dashcam isn't on

    If you live in certain parts of the world, it's probably best just to own a dashcam and leave it running at all times. Luckily, this Taiwanese driver had is camera rolling and was able to prevent himself from becoming a scam victim. He is not alone in this fight. In the video, a girl is seen ...

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    Official: Taiwan's Luxgen reveals new sedan [w/videos]

    This is the brand new Luxgen5, a "next-generation sports sedan" hailing from Taiwan that looks for all the world like the production version – conventionally powered, though – of Luxgen's Neora EV concept it showed off at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this year. We could tell you ...

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    Video: Taiwan animates Dodge's invisible monkey, we stand in awe

    Animated Dodge vs. PETA commercial dispute – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Animated news. It's just such a novel idea that we simply can't believe it has taken so long to become mainstream. Well, mainstream if you happen to live in Taiwan, that is. Here in the States, we're ...

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    Taiwan's Luxgen unveils high-tech new crossover

    2011 Luxgen7 SUV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    First came the Luxgen7 MPV, now comes the Luxgen7 SUV from Taiwan's first passenger carmaker. The Luxgen7 SUV is as wide as a Mercedes-Benz M-Class, but about about a half-inch longer, and touted as having the "largest exterior ...


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