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    CARB offering compromise on emissions regulations?

    After protests by California auto dealers, the head of California's Air Resources Board (CARB) said she is willing to discuss modifying one aspect of the state's stringent emission regulations. Mary Nichols, CARB Chairwoman, told reporters at an SAE Government/Industry meeting that she is open to ...

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    Sixteen states tell the EPA: We'll see you in court

    The new CAFE legislation contains a provision to keep individual states from coming up with their own standards. California applied to the EPA for a waiver to enforce its own stricter emissions standards. When the EPA administrator, Stephen Johnson, planned to deny that waiver, Johnson's in-house ...

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    They want more: CA petitions to raise automaker fleet standard to 40 mpg

    Depending on your viewpoint, California is trying to make the world better for people everywhere, or trying to kill all the joy of automobiles and perhaps the entire domestic auto industry. In 2004, California adopted a requirement declaring that automakers reduce their fleets' CO2 emissions from ...

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    Ford responds to flaming Super Duty video

    Our good buddy Mike Levine at did the legwork and got in touch with Ford safety spokesperson Dan Jarvis to talk about the video we showed you yesterday that features a 2008 Ford Super Duty pickup spewing flames from its tailpipes. Jarvis confirmed that the truck in the video is one ...

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    VIDEO: Ford Super Duty diesel throwing flames

    This video of a 2008 Ford Super Duty pickup shooting flames from its tailpipes surfaced last week over at, a forum only open to registered Ford diesel technicians. It made its way to some other forums before finally popping up on more mainstream sites today. Literally nothing is ...

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    EPA mulls over urea-injection rules

    The Environmental Protection Agency is considering a variety of rules that it might apply to urea injection for diesel engines, and is said to ready to issue rules for such emission-control devices in upcoming weeks. The regulations are expected to address potential issues arising with urea ...


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