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    Video: Road-raging cop brake-checks driver and causes accident, caught on video

    WARNING: NSFW language can be heard in the video. Road rage is definitely getting out of control these days, and, apparently, police officers aren't immune to the urges of aggressive, vindictive driving. In this situation, what we do know is that a North Carolina police officer – Onslow ...

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    Video: Driver uses "powermove" to stop tailgating... now [UPDATE]

    They say that wearing a pink tie is a power move, but so is stopping your car in the middle of an entrance ramp and giving a tailgater a good, old-fashioned stare down. If all that's true, that makes the unidentified man in this video Mr. Powermove. Although we can't tell exactly what happened ...

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    Video: Why you should never follow other cars too closely

    Flying road debris is a scary enough prospect when you're paying attention to the road and not filming the truck driving along beside you with a cameraphone. While we don't think the driver could have reacted quickly enough to avoid the flying road debris at that distance if he weren't busy ...

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    Crave a Hot Pocket? Plug the Wave Box into your dash

    How could this have possibly taken so long? With everything from DVD players to beverage coolers showing up in our cars, why didn't anybody come up with a way to install a microwave oven in your vehicle before now? Who doesn't want some good hot food on the job site, on the road or at the ...


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