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    Video: swissRoomBox turns any vehicle into a motor home

    swissRoomBox – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    The Swiss are masters of precision. The world's most elegant timepieces hail from Switzerland. The multi-purpose and compact tool known as the Swiss Army Knife is praised throughout the world for its utility and dependability. ...

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    Report: Swiss Ferrari driver hit with record $290,000 speeding fine

    Switzerland doesn't mess around when it comes to speeding tickets. Get caught with a lead foot in the land of Alpine vistas and serious chocolate and the cost of your transgression won't be based on a flat rate for the infraction, it will be based on how wealthy you are. An unnamed driver of a ...

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    How do you get out of those pesky parking tickets? Why, blame your identical twin, of course!

    Anyone that has a sibling knows that as kids they're constantly blaming the other for just about everything that goes wrong. In Switzerland, twin brothers have the blame game down to a science, as they've successfully talked their way out of 29 parking tickets by refusing to pay the fine because ...

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    Swiss Team takes Maserati Quattroporte to the track in Superstar Series

    Patience is not a virtue of those who are used to going fast. While Maserati just took the wraps off the new GranTurismo MC GT4 racer, deliveries to customer racing teams won't begin until October. So what's a team hellbent on racing Tridents in Europe to do in the meantime? Make their own Maserati ...

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    Geneva 2009: Swiss Misses keep standing in front of our cameras

    Click above for high-res gallery of this year's Swiss Misses
    Every year we board our flights to the Geneva Motor Show after telling our significant others (wives, fiances, imaginary girlfriends) that we're going for the cars. We might even believe it when we say it, too, but then we get here and ...

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    Geneva 2009: Rinspeed iChange in the flesh

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Rinspeed iChange
    With automakers pouring into Geneva from around the world, it's largely up to Rinspeed to hold down the home fort here in Switzerland, and the quirkiest of niche automakers never disappoints. So this year we made sure to swing by ...

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    Geneva Preview: Mighty Morphin' iChange proves Rinspeed is up to its old tricks

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Rinspeed iChange
    From the gloriously fertile mind of Frank Rinderknecht comes the Rinspeed iChange, a shape-shifting zero-emissions concept car. As its name suggests, the iChange actually morphs its body shape depending on how many people are going to be ...

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    Swiss Missile: Sportec SP750 Porsche 997 GT2

    Porsche enthusiasts will undoubtedly count the 997-generation 911 GT2 as one of the most extreme supercars ever to roll out of Stuttgart – right up there with the 959 and the Carrera GT. But where there's speed, there's always room for more speed, and the Swiss aren't about to stay neutral ...

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    Switzerland considers banning sportscars SUVs everything

    Switzerland is not the most car-friendly place on earth. (Odd, then, that after Monaco, the mountainous country is one of the most popular residence choices for F1 drivers.) But this just puts it over the top. The Swiss Green Party is proposing legislation that would effectively ban supercars. Most ...

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    Swiss Army Porsche? Matte olive-green 911 (video)

    Looking at this custom Porsche, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Swiss army had ordered up a fleet of military-spec 911s. Then you'd quickly realize that while it may be a versatile sports car, the 911 would not be the Porsche most utile for military applications, compared with, say, the ...

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    Crazy rich guy attempts to legalize Ferrari FXX for the street

    Hey, wait a minute – we thought you couldn't actually purchase the Ferrari FXX, let alone take one out to cavort on the streets of Switzerland. The way it was originally explained, people with 2.5 million dollars to dispose of could purchase the privelege to plant their hindquarters in the ...

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    Senna chrono goes stealth

    F1-themed watches tend to be very big, very shiny and named after a current F1 driver, or at least one living. The Hubolt Big Bang Ayrton Senna All Black Rattrapante fits just one of those categories, and we'll give you a clue: it's not the bling and it's not the pilot. The exclusive chronograph ...

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    Porsche 911 Turbo SP580 by Sportec

    Tuners just can't get enough of the 997 Turbo, with a list so far including SpeedART, TechArt, Edo, Rinspeed, and 9ff. That latter tuner even rings three bells by winning the HP competition, the top speed run, and being a convertible. The Swiss modifier fiddles with the ECU, swaps out the stock ...

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    The Pagani Zonda of Wristwatches

    It seems you just can't make an exotic sportscar these days without offering a wristwatch to go with it. Bugatti's got one. Koenigsegg has two. McLaren and TAG Heuer are on their third. And Ferrari's got a whole series. Is it a shameless ploy to capitalize on the merchandizing potential of their ...

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    TAG Team: Heuer and Mercedes unveil new SLR Chronograph

    TAG Heuer is a watchmaker with a long history in motorsports, sponsoring racing events, drivers and teams for decades. Even Steve McQueen wore one. Now the Swiss watchmaker has unveiled the "TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz", the third timepiece made in collaboration with the German automaker. The ...


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