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    Suzuki Forenza, Reno get the boot after '08, Swift convertible in the works

    In memoriam: the Suzuki Forenza and its brother, the Reno, will shuffle off this mortal coil after 2008. Oh, how we barely knew thee – but we're not surprised.Both vehicles have seen a dip in sales this year, and with the SX4's numbers up over 35-percent for 2007, and a sedan version due out ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #63 [Enhanced]

    The enhanced version of the Autoblog Podcast #63 has again been rendered out for your visual consumption. In part one of #63, we talk about the next Suzuki Swift coming to the United States. In the podcast's second section we give quite a bit of time to the Alan Mulally - George Bush - hydrogen ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #63

    It's nice to be back in the swing of things. We're once again cranking out weekly podcasts, and #63 is a compact one. We start off salivating over the news that the next generation Suzuki Swift will be headed for US shores. We devolve from discussing an unsubstantiated rumor into wistful praise ...

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    Suzuki Swift coming to the U.S. in 2010

    Click the link above for a high-res gallery of the Swift Sport.The market for budget-priced, hot hatches in the U.S. has dwindled over the last two decades, with most of the major players either inflating prices or dropping out altogether. However, according to Automotive News, Suzuki execs have ...

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    Suzuki at Geneva

    Click image for a gallery of Suzuki's offerings at GenevaGeneva was a quiet show for Suzuki, as the most impactful vehicle on display, the SX4 sedan, is something we've all seen already. Still, we have to say that as hatchbacks-turned-notchbacks go, we like the way the 4-door looks with its new ...

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    Tokyo Auto Salon: Suzuki Swift X Concept

    Among the other tunerific surprises that lined the booths of the Nippon Convention Center during the Tokyo Auto Salon, Suzuki displayed their Swift X Sport Concept. Of all the vehicles in Suzuki's lineup, the Swift is the one we'd love to see Stateside post haste, especially benefiting from some of ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Suzuki Swift Sport

    The Swift gets swifter: our intrepid autophile John Neff has checked in from Paris with details on the new European-market Suzuki Swift Sport. The compact and sporty Swift has already been met with awards and applause, and the new hot-hatch version, which benefits from Suzuki's experience in the ...

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    Suzuki's Project Splash, Swift Sport headed to Paris

    Next month in Paris, Suzuki will be unveiling the Project Splash concept (they're calling it a "clinic model") , a modern-looking-tall-bodied hatchback based on the Swift subcompact. The Splash will show off a new 1.2-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine and seat five passengers.Suzuki is keeping the ...


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