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suzuki hayabusa

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    Video: Land-speed racer Bill Warner dies from motorcycle crash at 285 MPH

    Motorcycle land-speed record holder Bill Warner died yesterday after crashing during an attempt at setting another record. The 44-year-old was clocked at 285 miles per hour on the runway of a former air base in northern Maine, before he lost control of his modified Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle and ...

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    Video: Watch Bill Warner's record-setting 311-mph motorcycle run

    We're absolute suckers for speed records of any kind. There's just something about the preparation, devotion and determination that it takes to crank a machine to the upper levels of its limits that scratch all the right itches for us. That's even more true when you throw in the insanity of ...

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    Atom Smasher: UK-bound Ariel V8 to command $200,000?

    Ariel Atom - click above image for hi-res gallery
    Two hundred thousand bucks is a house in most places. Well, that's £120,000 to our British friends. Still, that's an awful lot of scratch. How much is it compared to other cars? If say you wanted a Porsche Cayman S -- a car many consider the ...

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    Shiny Side Up: Reynard hits the street with the Inverter

    Click above to view a high-res gallery of the Reynard Inverter
    How many automakers, large and small, have referred to their latest ware as "race car for the road?" Too many to count, for sure. But if you're going to make a real race car for the road, where better to start than at an actual race ...

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    VIDEO: Hayabusa-powered smart , or... a rolling death-wish on skinny tires

    Click above to watch the video of a stunting smartabusa
    Stunting on a Suzuki Hayabusa is crazy in its own right, but stunting in a smart fortwo? Now that takes some real effort. While the bike's got the power to wheelie all day long and its dual front discs are more than powerful enough to raise ...

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    Hayabusa-powered go kart redefines the term overpowered

    Anybody who's ever strapped themselves into a shifter-kart can attest to the fact that they are one of the most exhilarating rides available, and their capabilities are much higher than first expected. That being the case, when swapping the 125cc engine from the go kart with a 1300cc engine from ...

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    BFO Motorcycles plans to offer a streetfighter kit for the Hayabusa

    Click on the image above to enlarge There are few thrills in motorcycling that compare with the sensation of pinning the throttle wide-open on a liter-class sportbike and hanging on for dear life. Of course, there are also a few inherent problems with this operation, though, and one of them is ...

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    VIDEO: VW Golf + Hayabusa engine = Holy Crap!

    var digg_url = ''; The Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the fastest things I have ever seen in motion. A friend riding his was in front of me once at a stop, and the road ahead of him was long, straight, and wide open. The only way to describe ...


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