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suzuki cappuccino

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    Rumormill: Suzuki considering Cappuccino revival?

    It's not a secret that a few of us here at Autoblog have a crush on Japanese Kei cars. The diminutive sizes and cheeky looks of most of the segment are certainly endearing factors, but it was the sporting Kei cars of the 1990s that made for the most delicious forbidden fruit. Suzuki's entry in ...

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    The Kei to a Good Time: Pint-sized Shelby Cobra replica from Japan

    Baby Cobra replica – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Shelby Cobra. A mere mention of the beast is enough to send enthusiasts' hearts aflutter and cause the minds of those lucky enough to have piloted such a beast to reel with fast-paced memories. Unless, of course, you are talking ...


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