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    Officially Official: Dodge keeps Durango nameplate for 2011 [w/video]

    2011 Dodge Durango teasers – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Only days after our readers stumbled upon Dodge's test site for the 2011 Durango, the official word has been given from Chrysler that its new unibody SUV/crossover will, in fact, wear the Durango nameplate. As you'll ...

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    Report: GM SUVs to continue with full frame, Granite still on the table

    The Sport Utility Vehicle is dead. Long live the Sport Utility Vehicle. We all know by now that the SUV, considered the Official Car of the 1990s and early 00s, has mostly fallen out of favor. But that doesn't mean we should expect the large, body-on-frame behemoths – with the exception of ...

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    Determined man builds HUMMER H1 from tired Ford F-150

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the homemade HUMMER H1
    var digg_url = ''; Life is stranger than fiction. If anyone tries to tell you differently, simply point to the Canadian man who built the truck you see above, from scratch. Francois ...

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    VW Touareg V6 TDI price: $42,800

    A gent named Chris at VW of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, just received the order guide for the Touareg V6 TDI, and the numbers reveal that it will arrive on our shores in January with a base price of $42,800, or $43,490 with the destination charge. That base price is $3,500 more than the Touareg V6 ...

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    SEMA: Save us Subaru Mountain Rescue Vehicle!

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Subaru Mountain Rescue Vehicle
    Leave the Saint Bernards at home, honey, we've got something better. The Subaru Mountain Rescue Vehicle was made for the National Ski Patrol -- an organization we had never heard of until we saw this truck. On its tiptoes it ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Acura X6 fighter

    UPDATE: Image removed at request of owner.At first we couldn't understand why the BMW X6 was birthed, and then we couldn't figure out why Acura of all companies needed to create something to compete with it. Top Speed has rendered unto us what such an enigma might look like, and, well, it ain't all ...

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    SEMA 2008: Kia Borrego Limited Concept does its best Escalade impression

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Kia Borrego Limited SEMA Concept
    With the Escalade on the ropes, it looks like Kia might step in to rescue all those lovers of blacked-out blinged-up chromed-out big-wheeled SUVs. The metallic black Borrego Limited Concept that debuted at SEMA today gets ...

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    Hyundai develops high-performance diesel R-Engine

    Not too long ago, Hyundai didn't compete directly with anything coming out of Germany (or perhaps that's the other way around). Now Hyundai is determined not to let up on its recently-made foes. Today it unveiled the R-Engine, a new diesel in two capacities that the company says "can comfortably ...

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    How quickly we forget: Cheaper gas = higher pickup and SUV sales

    Pickup and SUV sales plummeted when gas hit $4 per gallon, and many thought these gas-guzzling segments would never fully recover. That may be true, but for now Americans are once again getting more comfortable with trucks and SUVs. Truck sales fell below 10% of overall vehicle sales back in May ...

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    Spy Shots: R-Class facelift

    The R-Class won a design award, went on tour with the Rolling Stones, was dropped in price, and still sold so poorly that Mercedes admitted the car was a failure. Yet M-B head man Dieter Zetsche said the car isn't going away, so as one does with continuing product, the R-Class is getting some face ...

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    Autoblog Comparo: Moving Mountains - Toyota Landcruiser vs. Hummer H2

    Click the image above for high-res gallery of the Autoblog Comparo: H2 vs. Landcruiser
    The world's maddest battles usually earn a brief sobriquet: Red vs. Blue, Holyfield-Tyson, Lingerie Bowl. Although the battle we'll describe today isn't finished, the clash of HUMMER vs. Any Decent Off-roader ...

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    Spy Shots: Saab 9-4X

    The next stab at a Saab SUV is reportedly going to be... a Saab. Word is that the newest hauler will have "Saab-DNA design and technology." Designed by teams in Sweden and Germany, that means an Aero-X-like snout, some combi-type curves in the back, and an ascending shoulder line. No word on ...

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    The fate of a Range Rover is in your hands, people

    Click above to watch Ryan's call to actionRyan Mickle, seen above and apparently afraid of no ghosts, has had a change of heart since purchasing his Range Rover Sport new in 2006. Since then, gas prices have shot through the roof and fighting climate change has become a favorite global pastime. ...

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    GM jacks up incentives on trucks and SUVs

    click above image for a high-res gallery of the Chevy Tahoe 2-mode HybridWe've been waiting for General Motors to step up to the plate with its own incentives now that Ford has offered employee pricing on its F-Series trucks and Dodge has offered $2.99 fuel to go along with its various incentives ...

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    Sorry, your SUV is now worthless

    Thinking of trading your gas-guzzling SUV in for something smaller, a bit more fuel efficient? You are not alone. The rocketing cost of gasoline, and diesel fuel, is having a ripple effect on the SUV market. With consumers trading in their behemoths by the thousands in exchange for more frugal ...

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    GM to reduce full-size truck production beginning in July

    Word just came in from General Motors that the automaker will be reducing shifts at four different plants that produce its full-size trucks and SUVs in an effort to bring production "in line with market demand". The output slowdown will begin on July 14th at GM's Flint, Janesville and Pontiac ...

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    Spy Shots: Infiniti FX55 -- think "angry"

    These are amateur shots of what is claimed to be the new Infiniti FX55. The front has been given the curvy treatment that is lately a mark of Nissan's design language, with the fenders pulled up like wings over the front wheels. The grill is the same rounded, convex trapezoid found on the G37, but ...

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    Will the real Tahoe/Yukon Hybrid MSRP please stand up?

    Hybrid vehicles still don't make much sense for automakers. The cost of the technology is more than what consumers are willing to pay and in many cases the fuel-saving benefits can be achieved with a simple diesel motor (at least in Europe). Because of this, coming up with the right sticker price ...

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    Weight watchers: Are heavy trucks and SUVs illegal on some California roads?

    Pop quiz: if you're driving an H2 and you see a sign forbidding vehicles above 6,000 pounds to use a street, do you avoid that street? Neither does anyone else. In a sarcastic, meandering article touching on carbon dioxide, gasoline, SUV-haters, municipal codes, and testosterone, the LA Times ...

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    2008 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner priced below outgoing models

    Today Ford announced pricing for both of its redesigned compact sport utility vehicles, the 2008 Ford Escape and 2008 Mercury Mariner. The Escape will start at $19,245, including $665 for destination charges, which is $740 less than the base price of the current model. The Mariner begins at ...


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