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11Susie Wolff promoted to official test driver at Williams

It's been a long time since a woman has competed in Formula One – over two decades, in fact – but that could stand to change in the near future if Susie Wolff continues making headway into grand prix racing. And in her latest advancement, she's been named by Williams Martini Racing as the team's official test driver for next season.

30Sir Stirling Moss apologizes to Susie Wolff for slight against women drivers

Stop us if you've heard this one: public personality speaks his unfiltered mind in a public forum, one of his unfiltered comments makes people go "OMG did he really say that?!", the Internet shock-and-rehash machine goes dynamo, public personality issues an apology. You didn't stop us, but we'll assume you are familiar with the formula, and Sir Stirling Moss is the latest in the automotive world to follow the script. In April, while a guest on a BBC Radio 5 special, Moss said he believed women "

37Williams signs female test driver Susie Wolff

In as male-dominated a sport as motor racing, women drivers are still a rarity – but not without their exceptions. Danica Patrick has become a household name in IndyCar and NASCAR, Vanina Ickx (daughter of legendary F1 driver Jacky) has contested Le Mans seven times, Sabine Schmitz is rightly known as the Queen of the Ring, and Natacha Gachnang has made a name for herself in Formula 3 and GT racing. But the latest announcement revolves around one Susie Wolff.

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