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    STUDY: 76% of Americans believe economy can survive without GM

    According to The Detroit Free Press, Rasmussen Reports called 1,000 people and asked them if they believed "the economy could recover without General Motors in business." The results were clear: 76% of respondents said "Yes, it can." The sentiment against any more taxpayer money being used to ...

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    Survey: One in ten Brits have gotten romantic as a result of the car someone drives

    Now that another Valentine's Day has passed, we can offer a little advice to those of you who might have avoided Cupid's arrows another year. If you're struggling to find that special someone, maybe you should stop searching on eHarmony and start looking in your garage. A new survey by British ...

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    Honda tops J.D. Power website usability survey for second straight year

    More and more people are shopping online for their new car or truck, making automaker's websites an increasingly important part of the automotive buying experience. Honda seems to get that, as evidenced by its recent win in a new J.D. Power usability survey. The Power study measures website ...

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    When are the most dangerous times to be on the road?

    Automobiles have become safer over the years, yet every time you get in a car, you're rolling the Reaper's dice. On average, 110 people die on the road each and every day. While many accident fatalities can be attributed to drinking and driving, not wearing a safety belt or reckless driving, some ...

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    JD Power: Honda leads industry in customer retention

    Click the image above to see J.D. Power and Associates Customer Retention Study
    Honda has taken the top spot away from Toyota in the latest "Customer Retention Study" from J.D. Power and Associates. The global marketing information firm surveyed 147,238 buyers/lessees to determine how likely ...

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    Jaguar tops JD Power customer sales satisfaction survey

    The results are in from J.D. Power and Associates' latest annual Sales Satisfaction Index Study, and Jaguar has leapt back up to the top position that it occupied for three of the four past years before dropping last year to third. The study surveyed some 36,000 buyers and leasers of new cars on ...

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    How do you plan to spend you tax rebate? Enthusiasts already know.

    The team over at SEMA, you know them as the group that supplies the automotive industry with aftermarket performance and cosmetic accessories, have asked more than 1,000 automotive enthusiasts how they intend to spend their federal tax rebate checks. Of course, we know what SEMA wants the answer to ...

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    Infiniti G35's sat-nav ranks top among users

    J.D. Power and Associates has polled owners of factory-nav equipped vehicles, and Infiniti's zippy-performing setup gets the nod for top honors from end users. Part of the win might be chalked up to the hard drive that the Infiniti system comes with, making it more responsive than a DVD based ...

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    VW and Volvo tops with certified used vehicles

    Looking to replace your rusted out Zastava? Buying brand new is a hard pill to swallow when you start to run the numbers. Given the durability of modern powertrains, pretty much any car will make it to 150,000 miles without so much as a whimper, provided you maintain it. Taking that longevity into ...

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    These kids today: college students think Volvo is German and Land Rover is American...

    Do you know where babies cars come from? Anderson Analytics took a survey of 1,000 college students from more than 375 universities and discovered that many of them don't. A third of the respondents thought Lexus was American. More than half of them thought Hyundai was Japanese, and at the same ...

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    New Ford study is evidence of improving quality

    Many of us in the know, i.e. auto enthusiasts, are well aware that our domestic automakers have made significant strides in improving the quality of the cars and trucks they sell. We also know that it's been extremely difficult to shake their reputation of shoddy quality that may have been deserved ...

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    Aw Snap! Poll reveals most Germans want speed limit on Autobahn

    Three days ago we scoffed at an EU official's suggestion that a speed limit should be applied to the remaining sections of Germany's famous Autobahn that remain free to speed. While reports indicated that speed-loving Germans were up in arms over the idea, a recent poll shows that two in three ...

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    Survey says autos experience gender bender as they age

    A new survey released in England reveals that a car's gender changes as it ages. 500 people surveyed by the Bosche Car Service network indicate that when a car is new it's more likely to be seen as a woman, but as the age of one's wheels increases it drops an X- and picks up a Y-chromosome to ...

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    Mercedes-Benz miffed at performance in Consumer Reports Reliability Survey

    In the recently released 2006 Annual Car Reliability Survey by Consumer Reports, seven models from Mercedes-Benz were rated as Least Reliable. The last generation S-Class, CLS, E-Class, SL, CLK, V6 SLK and the M-Class SUV were all ranked least reliable based on the Consumer Reports survey comprised ...

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    Brits "Frankenstein" their way to the Porsche Panamera

    A camel, they say, is a horse designed by committee. This is a car designed by survey, incorporating what Brits say they would like most in a car. British car buying site New Car Net conducted the study, having visitors pick which features they liked best. After the results were tabulated, their ...

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    Rolls Royce the car of choice for ultra-rich

    Illustrating the fickle nature of the ultra wealthy, a new survey of 500 bona fide rich people conducted by the Luxury Institute reveals that Rolls Royce is the most luxurious brand of 2006, a position that was held by Maybach last year."Too many luxury firms are looking to 'Wow' the client with ...

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    Harris poll ranks the top "buzz-worthy" vehicles from 2005

    Of the vehicles released in 2005, the Chevrolet Cobalt generated the most "buzz" among Generation Y buyers, with the Hummer H3 attracting the most attention from grunge-era Gen Xers. Baby-boomers flocked to Dodge's retro-esque Charger, and the grey-haired set went bonkers for the Ford Five ...

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    Poll shows over fifty percent of America interested in hybrids

    Gallup conducted a poll last month checking the pulse of automotive consumers, and how their buying attitudes are changing in light of America's increasing gas prices. According to the poll, fully 57 percent of the 1001 responders now state that they would consider purchasing a hybrid as ...


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