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    Study: Toyota still tops in supplier relations, but only just

    When it comes to manufacturing and selling a complicated product like an automobile, a company's relationship with its suppliers is of huge importance. A good working partnership can translate into higher levels of reliability and lower cost as well as early access to cutting-edge tech. According ...

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    Report: Visteon reaches pension agreement with Ford, eyes bankruptcy exit

    Automobile parts supplier Visteon appears to be closer than ever to exiting bankruptcy after 15 long months of proceedings, with the help of the company's one-time master. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Ford has agreed to waive $268 million in pension and retiree claims, relieving the ...

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    Report: Ford, GM make quality gains in new supplier study

    Detroit automakers have a long history of less-than-rosy relations with their supply bases, while Toyota and Honda worked to keep their suppliers happy. But Detroit automakers have been promising to improve supplier relationships, and a study published by The Detroit News shows that the Motor ...

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    REPORT: Toyota cutting supplier expenses by 30%, probably means using cheaper parts

    As with every other automaker – heck, almost every other company – Toyota wants to save more money. Japan's Asahi business daily revealed a Toyota initiative to lower its parts expenses by 30% over the next three years, and it is one that we're all too familiar with: Toyota told its ...

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    REPORT: Ford aims to halve number of suppliers

    If you think GM and Chrysler are going through financial struggles, it's just a flash in the pan compared to the trial and tribulations of the automotive supply base. Experts say supplier jobs account for nearly three-quarters of all automotive employment, with estimates of 600,000 workers in the ...

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    Karmann Go: Legendary coachbuilder shuts down as last car comes off the line

    Karmann throughout the years - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Troubled coachbuilder and specialty car manufacturer Karmann has gone dark. The firm's final vehicle – a Mercedes-Benz CLK came off the lines on Monday as the legendary company has been shuttered because of ...

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    Analyst: Detroit 3 to be outproduced by foreign transplants on U.S. soil by 2012

    If you think life can't get any worse for the bloodied and battered Detroit three automakers and their suppliers, you're wrong – at least according to a new study from Grant Thornton LLP's Corporate Advisory and Restructuring Service. The accounting and management consulting firm used data ...

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    WSJ: Obama nixes auto suppliers' request for aid

    According to The Wall Street Journal, President Obama has taken a pass on granting auto parts suppliers' request for $10 billion in aid, leaving the financially-strapped companies to seek succor from Congress instead.While the president's administration says it will keep a wary eye on the state of ...

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    Tier-1 supplier Metaldyne files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy too

    To the roll call of auto industry titans that have gone or are going bankrupt -- Visteon, Chrysler, GM, Saab, Karmann, ASC, Source Interlink -- we can now add Tier 1 supplier Metaldyne, which filed for bankruptcy for its American operations. Metaldyne makes metal bits for car and truck chassis and ...

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    BREAKING: BBC says Magna has agreed to take majority stake in Opel from GM

    According to the BBC News, supplier Magna International has come to terms with General Motors to purchase a majority stake in its European Opel division. While an agreement has been reached between the two parties, the German government – which has agreed to provide financial assistance for ...

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    BREAKING: Visteon reportedly files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

    According to Automotive News, Visteon Corp. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Michigan-based tier-1 supplier was spun off from the Ford Motor Company back in 2000, and it has struggled ever since. The filing took place in a Delaware courtroom, where the company has listed total ...

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    STUDY: Toyota and Honda supplier relations suffer while Ford, GM improve

    In the latest installment of an annual supplier relations survey put together by Planning Perspectives, Honda and Toyota have upheld their top positions in spite of suppliers describing downgrading them to merely "adequate." Still above average in supplier relations rankings (along with Nissan), ...

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    REPORT: Visteon books $2M profit. Delphi makes $556M. Wait... wha?!

    When is a profit not a profit? When it's the result of bankruptcy prevention measures, like Visteon's report of a $2 million profit during the first quarter of 2009. The auto supplier is reporting that each share earned two cents during the period, compared to a $105 million loss last year. The ...

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    French unions try a new negotiating tactic: kidnapping

    Parts suppliers are experiencing just as much trouble as the automakers they supply. Employees at one company, though, have taken a tip from Somali pirates and upped the anger stakes. When Faurecia felt it had been wronged by Chrysler, it took Chrysler to court. When Faurecia's employees in France ...

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    Toyota exec says automaker ready for GM bankruptcy

    The world's largest automakers are intertwined in a myriad of ways and they need to watch their competitors in both good times and bad. When talk of a GM bankruptcy was first floated, the discussion of the effects naturally led to GM's suppliers. That discussion then led to what the effects would ...

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    Canadian Idle: Two Chrysler plants shut down over supplier dispute

    Chrysler has been playing hardball with the Canadian government in an effort to secure up to $3 billion in loans, as company Vice Chairman Tom Lasorda recently threatened to leave Canada if it didn't receive the necessary loons. One supplier with only 60 employees is giving the Pentastar a sneak ...

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    U.S. Treasury unveils $5B Supplier Support Program

    As difficult as it was for General Motors and Chrysler to secure emergency loans from the government, the supplier community that supports the auto industry has found it even more so. Until today. This morning, the Obama administration announced its Supplier Support Program, which creates a $5 ...

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    Camaro supplier sues GM right back

    The Cadence-and-Camaro saga continues. Cadence, which makes interior parts for the Camaro, declared bankruptcy last August. GM sued the supplier to recover the specialized tooling machines it could need in order to continue Camaro production - or will it need to have the machines made again. GM ...

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    Officially Official: Bridgestone signs exclusive deal with F1

    Japanese tire-maker Bridgestone has been supplying every team on the Formula One grid since rival rubber company Michelin pulled out of the sport at the end of the 2006 season. But whereas Bridgestone had gone through 2007 as the exclusive tire supplier by default, the ink has now dried on the ...

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    Magna may get financial aid from Russian firm to buy Chrysler

    Magna International, along with fellow Canadian company Onyx Corp., has a bid in for a stake in Chrysler, and now additional funds may be coming from Russia. Edmunds' Auto Observer is reporting that Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska is ponying up $1.54 billion to expand Magna into Eastern Europe, ...


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