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    Rumormill: Dodge Challenger SS Drag package weeks away

    Dodge Challenger Super Stock shown from 2006 SEMA ShowJust like in the '60s, some people will take their new 2008 Dodge Challengers to the drags. Chrysler is reportedly ready to make this very easy for new Challenger owners. Allpar is reporting that within a few weeks, there will issue forth from ...

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    This one goes to 11: Edmunds drags the Challenger Super Stock

    The Dodge Challenger is cool. We say this in the general sense, because whether the topic of discussion is the classic from the 70s or the retro-fantastic new Challenger that Chrysler's bringing to showrooms next year, the consensus is that the cars are friggin' badass. As if reading everyone's ...

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    Dodge Challenger Super Stock wows 'em at SEMA

    John finally had a chance to track down the Challenger S/S for some better pics and as you can see, SEMA has something for everyone. For anyone who remembers when Mopar dominated the NHRA Super Stock ranks, this one brings back a flood of memories. Painted in the classic Ronnie Sox colors, the ...

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    Pure Power Motorsports lives up to its name with 900 HP "Shadrach Edition" Mustang

    When creating a vehicle to commemorate a pair of Super Stock drag racing legends - in this case, Hubert "Georgia Shaker" Platt and Randy "Mr. Big Stuff" Payne - it's important not to mess around. Thus, Pure Power Motorsports created the Shadrach, a twin-turbo Mustang that boasts 900 hp and the ...


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