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18Toyota finds 10% MPG improvement in hybrid PCU

Keeping up its from-all-angles approach to efficiency, Toyota has found yet another way to eke out up to ten percent more precious MPGs in its hybrid vehicles, this time electronically. The automaker has announced the development of new silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors for use in power control units, which it will begin testing on Japanese roads within the next year.

AddHOAX: Controlled Quantum Levitation Á La PlayStation's Wipeout [VIDEO]

Superconductors are nothing new. Lowering the temperature of certain materials to extremes such that zero electrical resistivity follows, and the result: levitation. It's a neat trick that you learn in any basic college physics course, but some feel superconductors could have major applications outside of the classroom or lab--like powering a hovercraft, for example. Below is a video that claims to show just that.

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