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supercharged challenger

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    1,000 hp, twin-supercharged Dodge Challenger by RDP Motorsport

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    Excessive power is just enough, right? If you abide by that rule of thumb, perhaps you'd be interested in RDP Motorsport's latest offering, which trumps the Challenger's SRT8's 6.1L Hemi and its 425 horsepower with a stroked version displacing a classic 440 cubic inches. ...

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    That didn't take long - supercharged Challenger SRT8 hits the dyno

    Click above to enlarge this shot and see the dyno graphWhenever a new performance vehicle makes it into the hands of eager customers, a run to the dyno never seems to be far behind. This has again proven to be the case with the new Dodge Challenger, as a company known as Speedfactory has just done ...

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    VIDEO: Dodge Challenger fan commercial rates highly

    Click above to view fanboy promoThe quintessential car chase may have been immortalized in movies like The French Connection and Bullitt, but there have been dozens of chase flicks with everything from Pontiac Trans Ams to Dodge Challengers as the star. The 1971 movie Vanishing Point served as a ...


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