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supercar fail

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    Video: McLaren P1 breaks down in front of people that can actually afford it

    As we wait for the McLaren P1 to enter production, it appears there are still some growing pains with the $1.14-million hybrid supercar. While on display at Italy's recent Villa d'Este Concorso d'Eleganza, this P1 – which appears to be the same one we saw at the Geneva Motor Show – ...

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    Video: Lamborghini Gallardo driver shows how not to gun it at a light

    You are the driver of a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo, and you've been waiting at a traffic light for something like an entire minute. That glowing red orb of light has been the matador's crimson cape to your bull, taunting you, holding you back, making you very, very angry. So crush the gas pedal ...

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    Video: How not to load your Porsche Carrera GT

    The Carrera GT is among the most rare and exotic models Porsche has ever created. Production ceased way back in 2006, but if you want to pick up one of these five-year-old supercars, it will still cost you about $400,000 for the privilege. Having said that, if we owned a Carrera GT, we'd ...


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